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Sea Prince Map


A map

Courage Found

Can you find what you didn't know you lost?


Lost opportunities


All things might be magical?


What do you believe in?


When a home, isn't


Getting out of town


War by any other name would not taste so durn good


And the War was over...

Future so Bright...

Is it really a future?

Sense of Doubt

Taking a deadly test

Mortal Color

White vs Black


A Paladin's mood


A Mountain is not the answer

Desert of Emotion

Bad Relationship, whose fault?


When a City is not what it seems

New Sunrise

A new day


Getting old is hard


Music and my true love

Best Christmas Ever!

Based on this picture, I wrote this story. What do you think?

Cell Phone

What would happen if you needed the last working cellphone? This was Writer's Digest 93 writing contest, based on the pic. Scary? It could 650 words or less

Conrad Peppers Day Off

I wrote this using the picture from Contest 91 from Writer's Digest. Picture is included

Art is Truth

Is there truth in Art? Or is all Art, truth? Clark still doesn't know

The Challenge

I wrote this for a "Friendly" competition, didn't win, it was liked though so it isn't all bad. No gnomes were hurt in the creation of this story

The Cavern

A short story for Writer's Digest March/April 2018

Uncle Mortimer's Day at the Beach

I wrote this story for a Writers Digest "Enter your story contest" It had to be 700 words long and based on the above picture. What do you think?

Blog Posts

Finding Treasure

Or how the Partidge Family inspired the group this past Sunday

Donut Day

How the Slavers are defeated, Skeefer gets a donut, and the Ranger hugs a crocodile when maybe he shouldn't. Plus? Roshanna finally says good bye to her long lost love, the Kobold.

A Slavers Point of View

How a Slaver within the City of Freeport views the ... antics of the Heroes of Silverton

How to get a pet Basilisk

How the Heroes got a pet Basilisk and then didn't know what to do with it

Grey Company Report on Freeport

How a third party witnessed this past weeks adventure

Troll Axe and the Abbey

Where Harald gets a new axe, gives away a sword and the party finds religion

Those That Ran Away

In which the Heroes of Silverton run away from a tower that isn't a tower and rescue some elves.

How the Heroes of Silverton met a War Pig

Seriously, if you hear the terms "met" and "War Pig" what else are you going to need to want to read the story?

The End...How the Heroes of Silverton kill everything, get the gold, the girl...wait there is no girl...

The first step is done, luckily this ladder has many steps.

Traps, Hanging Around, True Love, and why people should not sniff the fungi

This weeks recap

A review Stephen King's haunting, read that as scary book, Revival

This is ONE scary book and not the type of scary I expected

Electricy, Magnetism and Cannibalism, Oh My!

How the latest installment takes a DARK turn

Hello Darkness my Old Friend, Magnetics, and the Good Doctor (Not so much)

The party moves along, takes a nap, hands on expereince with magnatism, and tries it's hand at the Dungeon Delivery Service

Dungeon Delving

How the party found ogres, dire wolves, and something evil. Plus one party member got icky hands from reaching into a dead body.

Book Review: Brief Cases

A review of the anthology "Brief Cases" Not my favorite Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden book not because of the stories though

The latest Mis-adventures of  “A Group That Stumbles Around in the Dark with a Light Spell Cast on a Burning Torch."  And some thought Intrepid Band was being used too much

Or how slaying the Mother of Goblins did not make the Yuan-Ti Bard more or less comely and there was no, none, nada picking up of Scat outside of the Quarry.

Book Review: Outcasts of Order

Book Review: Outcasts of Order

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