O Level Characters/and background

Variant rules by Walrock Homebrew and the story setting Ardvarkglen

Finding Treasure

Or how the Partidge Family inspired the group this past Sunday

Sunday Roleplay, and Open letter to the group cause Meetup thinks my post is too long

A lot of great discussion on Meetup but Meetup is being mean to me.

Donut Day

How the Slavers are defeated, Skeefer gets a donut, and the Ranger hugs a crocodile when maybe he shouldn't. Plus? Roshanna finally says good bye to her long lost love, the Kobold.

A Slavers Point of View

How a Slaver within the City of Freeport views the ... antics of the Heroes of Silverton

How to get a pet Basilisk

How the Heroes got a pet Basilisk and then didn't know what to do with it

Grey Company Report on Freeport

How a third party witnessed this past weeks adventure

Troll Axe and the Abbey

Where Harald gets a new axe, gives away a sword and the party finds religion

Those That Ran Away

In which the Heroes of Silverton run away from a tower that isn't a tower and rescue some elves.

Magic in the Twilight Realms

Why it's hard to buy a magic item

Elven Wandering Companies

I'm adding a post about the Wandering Companies of Elves

How the Heroes of Silverton met a War Pig

Seriously, if you hear the terms "met" and "War Pig" what else are you going to need to want to read the story?

The End...How the Heroes of Silverton kill everything, get the gold, the girl...wait there is no girl...

The first step is done, luckily this ladder has many steps.

Traps, Hanging Around, True Love, and why people should not sniff the fungi

This weeks recap

Twilight Realm Law

A first past of the Laws of the Twilight Realms; Silverton, Goldia, Greyton, Nython, Bissel etc.

A review Stephen King's haunting, read that as scary book, Revival

This is ONE scary book and not the type of scary I expected

Warrior Women Book Review

Warrior Women Book Review

Electricy, Magnetism and Cannibalism, Oh My!

How the latest installment takes a DARK turn

Hello Darkness my Old Friend, Magnetics, and the Good Doctor (Not so much)

The party moves along, takes a nap, hands on expereince with magnatism, and tries it's hand at the Dungeon Delivery Service

Dungeon Delving

How the party found ogres, dire wolves, and something evil. Plus one party member got icky hands from reaching into a dead body.

Book Review: Brief Cases

A review of the anthology "Brief Cases" Not my favorite Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden book not because of the stories though

Kobolds, the little dickens that they are, oh and Kurtulmak

How killing a kobold when inside a pentagram might be a bad thing, oh and Ley Lines

Tomb Raiders, with a pardon to Lara Croft.  Or how the Not so Stalwart Band did this past week

Where the Heroes go to find a book and the Barbarian almost kisses an Owlbear. How they also learned not to like plants. (Blights)

D&D How we met an ogre we didn't like in a dwarven tomb and lived to tell about it.  Plus a little Wheelboro history.

Going to a quarry has nothing to do with this adventure. Plus some history of Wheelboro

The latest Mis-adventures of  “A Group That Stumbles Around in the Dark with a Light Spell Cast on a Burning Torch."  And some thought Intrepid Band was being used too much

Or how slaying the Mother of Goblins did not make the Yuan-Ti Bard more or less comely and there was no, none, nada picking up of Scat outside of the Quarry.

Book Review: Wrath of Empire

Book Review: Wrath of Empire

International Table Top Game Day

Saturday, April 28th was International Table Top Game day, this is the first year I particpated.

Book Review  "A Call To Vengence"

A review of the 3rd book in the trilogy "Manticore Ascendant" Which actually might be more than a trilogy.

Review: The Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

My take on the Starter Set of Dungeons and Dragons. I knew you wanted to know what I thought.

Book Review: In the Field Marshall's Shadow

A collection of short stories by Brain McClennan Set in the Powder Mage Trilogy. I bought this as a Kindle read so I couln't make a cool banner for it, men

Jane Yolen's "The Emerald Circus" a review

Wow, what a great book

Book Review: Outcasts of Order

Book Review: Outcasts of Order

Local 5E Homebrew Campaign notes.  1st Adventure  "After the Win"

The players foray to find what is in a Dragon's Lair after it is defeated?

Further Exploits of the brave group Sunday June 17th

Where gnolls are killed, a Mime created, a crossbow bolt found, and an elven wizard finds George

Local 5E Homebrew Campaign notes. 6/10 Entering the Dungeon of the Witches'

The party finally makes it into a REAL dungeon to start dungeon delving and crawling. Will they survive?

Roleplay for June 24th  How things are Hexing all over

The group defeats Lareth the Beautiful. Get Hexed, Find that they found a ruby and the beginning of the Dragon Brotherhood

Movie Review: Loving Vincent

Is VanGogh's death really a suicide? Oh, and this movie is breathtaking.

Book Review: The Mad Scientists Guide to World Domination

A very interesting Anthology that got me to read another book because of the story in it.

Book Review: Sins of Empire

The next trilogy for the world of The Powder Mage

How a day can go bad, quickly

How I did worry about mold and move to a better apartment

Book Review: The Autumn Republic

Book review of The Autumn Republic, Third in the Powder Mage Trilogy

Movie Review:  Ready Player One

Review of the movie Ready Player One, not the book

Pro Writing Aid vs Auto Crit

Product Review: Pro Writing Aid vs Auto Crit

Book Review: Toolkit

Book Review: The Novel Writer's Toolkit A guide to writing great fiction and getting published

Book Review: Alchemist's Daughter

Book Review: Alchemist's Daughter

Promise of Blood, Book Review

A book review of Promise in Blood, Robert McClellan A very good story

Girl in Space Podcast

I talk about Girl In Space, Writing Excuses and the Write Now podcast

The Crimson Campaign, Book 2 of the Powder Mage Trilogy

In which more if learned about Tamas, Taniel, and Adamat

Review of the podcasts; "The Worldbuilder's Anvil", "Threadraiders Podcast", "The Writeship Podcast", and "The Strange Case of Starship Iris".

Four Podcasts that I listen to while I walk

Film Review  Queen of the Desert

I wasted my time with this movie so you don't have too. Read about Gertrude Bell don't watch this movie

Book Review "Valiant Dust,     Breaker of Empires"  Book 1

It's a book in the tradition of Honor Harrington, Space Opera and well...

Book Review "Steering the Craft, A 21st Century guide to Sailing the Sea of Story

How a really good book got me to think about writing

Book Review "Sung in Blood"

A review of the book "Sung in Blood" by Mr. Glen Cook Spoilers to follow, but yes I liked it!

Hero VS Anti-Hero

This post gives you thoughts on Hero Vs Anti-Hero with examples from stories I've read.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman  A book review

A review of the book Norse Mythology by Mr. Neil Gaiman

The Alexander Inheritance

A review of the book "The Alexander Inheritance" A Ring of Fire novel. I liked it a lot, in spite of what I call flaws but which is also the stories strengths.

Prince of Outcasts

A Scintilating Book Review

Book Review: L E Modesitt Jr's "The Mongrel Mage, a Novel of Recluse"

A short shout out to libraries and then a review of the novel.

Into the Guns, a book by William C Dietz

Into the Guns is a good book, could have been a great book.

Review of "Creatures of Will and Temper" by Molly Tanzer

I review "Creatures of Will and Temper" I am quite sorry to say I didn't like it, I couldn't finish it. Read further if you are curious as to why.

Review Night of the Long Shadows

A review of the book "Night of the Long Shadows" and a very slight intro into the World of Eberron

Krampus and the World

An open letter of apology to Krampus, cause I have no other way of explaining the world today.

Threadraider podcast

I review the inaugural podcast of the Threadraiders!

Battletech and ...stuff dealing with Battletech novels that I have read

Where I relate why I really didn't like "The Ruins of Power" by Robert Vardeman

A review of a Guide for Adventure Writing

I went to Drivethru RPG and found this, I don't feel I can put the name of the Guide as the title uses an adult word...

The movie "Dunkirk" and an IMAX Theatre

I really enjoyed the movie but...

Review of Fire Season by David Weber and Jane Lindskold

A young adult novel that when I started it didn't know it was young adult.

A Movie Review:  "Baahubali 2  The Conclusion

The number one movie in India and being praised as "The Star Wars of India" and my thoughts

My Book Review of "The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction" by Phillip Athans

Why I enjoyed this book. I liked it, you should too, go buy it if you want to improve your writing of Fantasy or Science Fiction

My Writer's Eye

Trying to read with my 'Writer's Eye' and how sometimes it isn't all that simple

Dear Mr. Butcher, I'm sorry

I was an idiot and had refused to read the 'Codex Alera' series becuase I am an idiot.

Zero Day by David Baldacci, a review with spoilers and stuff

I read 'Zero Day' by Mr. Baldacci, how I picked that book to read because I went to the 2016 Annual Writer's Digest Conference in NYC

All hat and no cattle

How going to the Writer's Digest Annual Conference scared the bejeebers out of me

Things I have learned about my website, security, and thank you Let's Encrypt

Finding out how an SSL works

Diamond Cigar Lounge

A new cigar lounge to me

Writing, SEO, oh and Good Morning

I try to explain a couple of things

Two classic movies I've watched

The Thin Man movies and the Maltese Falcon stories by Dashiell Hammet (Spoilers included, no added fee)

A Review of Recluse Tales by L. E. Modesitt Jr.  (Maybe a Spoiler?)

My thoughts on the stories within. (Cutting to the chase? I liked it)

I have a Twitter Question!!!  Woot!  (Word Sprints)

I love to answer questions so please leave me some. Oh, right, How do I find inspiration to complete a word sprint.

Going to Starbucks...

How going to Starbucks after not picking up a model train turned into a blog post

My Appreciation for NaNoWriMo

Why I like NaNoWriMo.


How I ignore not wanting to write

Why I hate going to the dentist --- (said tongue in cheek)

How healthy tooth care messes with my morning

Dreams.  Inspiration or just one more proof I am ....

Some thoughts on my dreams, scary right?

The Given Sacrifice by S.M. Stirling  *Spoiler Alert*

My review of a good book

NaNoWriMo 2016

This years National Novel Write Month 2016

So my journey into Horror

I have been trying to figure out what horror really is or at least to me

Writing That Book You Just Know The World Needs.

My Muse, my thoughts, and the scary things I think about.

Just Write!

I found different paths for a MFA.

A Review of "Twilight Falling" by Paul Kemp.

My review of the story.

How I Get an Idea, I Know Right?

The scary way my brain works.

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