Donut Day

Donut Day

October 22, 2018

Skeefer and Offbeat take a break for lunch and a short rest and a quick cleanup.  Soon they are back on duty watching to see what the Heroes of Silverton will do next, or sometimes, last.

“Is the Slither going down the steps?”  Offbeat looked to see where Skeefer pointed.  “Yep, seems she will join the fight with the elven mage.”  “Which one, there has to be, what 20 elven mages down there?”  Skeefer laughed at Offbeat’s ironic comment.  “How about this Skeefer?  The one that can throw fireballs?”  Now chuckling “It is an important distinction.”

Skeefer turns to Offbeat “How about this?  I’ll dictate you write and then we can switch things up?  Deal?”  Offbeat nodded “Sure, it might get confusing if we both try to speak at the same time.”  The floating eye followed the two as they entered the sewage tunnels.

“Why are they stopping at the grate?  I doubt there is anything…  Yeah, didn’t someone tell them a lit torch in the sewers might not be the brightest thing to do?  Well eyebrows grow back.  I doubt a Slither has eyebrows to begin with, right?”  Offbeat shrugged “Hey, this is your report give her super bushy eyebrows,  you can say later they got all burned off.”

Across the sewer stream…

“Wow, who guessed an Orc Demonologist would be this good with a spear?  Stab, stab, repeat, more stabbing.  He really is.”  Offbeat nodded to Skeefer.  “Well, the Ogrillion War Mage, he knew how to use fireball.”

"I wonder, will the Elf and the Slither wait for the fight to be over?" 
"Wait, did our Scout just throw the rope over without holding onto it?  The elf dropped it?  One of THOSE days I see?"

Skeefer starts short sentences recording of what is going on.

Skeefer looking confused “Do you believe the Ranger knows you aren’t supposed to hug a crocodile?  The two of them look to be in a relationship, should call them a cuddle duo.   It looks like the two of them will go for a swim and everything.”

Laughing…  “Cob is trying on the Animated Horror helmet, Awesome, I didn’t…  Are those things cursed?”

"Harald is something with that axe, isn’t he?  Course the Orc keeps stabbing him with the Demon Spear he can’t be feeling good at all."

“It wasn’t a good idea for the War Mage, I mean the sneaking up on the guy with the Misty Steps spell,  good.  Not being able to get back?  That was the mistake."

“Ouch, scratch one bugbear.  I wonder why one of them keeps calling bugbears owlbears?  Weird.”

“It really is odd the Elven Mage keeps going first, isn’t it?

“Oh, the Ranger is helping now, he is trying to…  You have to wonder, don’t you?  Might have been simpler to jump down?  Hmm?”

“Rocks and bothers, really?  Another Were-Croc?  Oh, wait, it’s female… It might be the other things mother, and she brought a real crocodile with her.  The Ranger has the upper hand."

“Oh, an annoying trap door, water…  I wonder should we help?  I will go and get some spells for the mages, helps at all.  Yeah, if we go down there we will be in the way, would be really stupid.”

“OK, the crap will hit the fan now, the Slaver Council was meeting…  Yep, fighter, wizard, warlock, fighter, oh the Hunter is there too, there is the bard, oh and the Kobold Devastator, that will make the Slither happy I bet?”

“Wow, it did not take long for the fighter to go down, can’t be that much of one.”

“Ouch, a lightening bolt spell…  Well, at least… no that took some of the Heroes of Silverton out.”

“Oh, getting back up, not really dead.”

“That was smart of the Slavers, not being stuck all in one room, by splitting up they can do more damage.”

“I wondered where she had gotten too, the Witch, yeah, she was in with the slaves picking one out to sacrifice.  I wondered why all the screaming.  Wow, the Slither must have liked getting smacked with the magical shillelagh, ouch.”

“Another Fireball?  Ouch…”

“The elf mage, Dralen?  He must be some sort of jumping bean or something, up/down, up/down… wow.”

“Cob killed another one, his magical armor must be amazing.  Now I wonder is it magical?  Or is he lucky?”

“Prisoners are drowning…”

“Damn, Slither down…  That had to hurt.”

“Wow, I didn’t think the Hunter would be that good with his bow and his short swords.  Ouch, Reign of Arrows, people catching that MUST feel like a pin cushion.”

“All right Offbeat you can take over for a while, you delivered the scrolls, right?”  Offbeat nods.  “Yep, two 3rd level spells, and 5 2nd level spells all on scrolls.  Fine I will take over for a bit.”

Offbeat’s report…

“Here is this corner we have the Heroes of Silverton, they have been taking a beating, a beating I tell you.  The Yuan-Ti bard is down, down I tell you for the count, the elven wizard Dralen is also down.  The Ranger has taken some almost unacceptable damage and is looking for something to catch the blood.  We also have the Scout is down, ouch that looks like a nasty, nasty hit.  The Runecaster looks hurt as well that is a nasty cut she received.”

“Now the Barbarian, he takes a beating and keeps on… beating back?  Sure… The other Elven Wizard, yeah, him, Alaric… he looks to be readying a spell.”

“Wait, what is that?  Yussif?  The thief?  Yes, he is stopping to loot chests.  OK, that is something Wotan would have done.  Right?  Hold him off guys, I will see what is going on…”

“Ouch, the Bard cast Crown of Madness on Cob, ouch, Cob is attacking Harald, had to hurt.  Oh, he didn’t, did Cob miss?  I guess that is a good thing, right?  I mean we weren’t rooting for Cob to hit Harald, were we?”

“Now Cob is swinging at the Scout, wow, again he misses.  Seriously, it is a good thing he is missing now and not when he is hitting at one slaver.”
“Yep, Yusif is counting the coins in the chest…”

“Yusif conjured a spell, wait?  Is he stopping to take a bird bath?  He is, well, he won’t smell anymore, that can’t be a bad thing.”  Skeefer adds “Yeah, I would slit his throat if he decided he needed to freshen up in the middle of a fight.  Anyone noticed?”

Back to Skeefer…

“Wow, the Kobold does not seem to be running out of spells, ouch, it is a good thing the Yuan-Ti Bard is down, A fireball spell would have taken someone.”

“This looks rough, the Hunter is down, the Wizard and Warlock are out.  The Kobold, he is still packing a punch.  You know, the bard… nope the bard is down too.  It is the Kobold left.  Dralen, using one spell we gave him I might add.  Casts Hold person on the Kobold, just in time too.  The Prisoners more than half got away.  Harald, he looks angry at the very least."

“All right, I guess we need not ask questions, wow, once slice and the Kobold lost a head.  That had to hurt.”

“I don’t know, is the Yuan-Ti bard getting up?  No?  Damn that….  No, looks like she is getting up.  So, is Dralen, why aren’t they helping the Scout?  Hmm, oh, look they remembered he went down, finally.”

“I think we are done, let’s go back up, it really smells down here and I think I want a donut.”

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