Sunday Roleplay, and Open letter to the group cause Meetup thinks my post is too long

Sunday Roleplay, and Open letter to the group cause Meetup thinks my post is too long

October 23, 2018

Good Morning!

Wow!  It is great to see a lot of discussion about people and their characters.  It makes me feel good that a lot of us have a “bit of skin in the game.”

Here is my .02 on the discussion and from someone who pretty much “dies” all the time, I mean literally.  Running the bad guys, a lot of them “die” 

In my experience, cause yes, I am OLD.  It is never fun to create a character and then to kill that character off due to no fault of your own.  People invest a part of themselves into a character and character building.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t enjoying yourself what is the point?

Personally?  I enjoy having an eclectic party, characters from 1st to 5th level, as I think a group of adventurers might be.  Especially in a group that meets once a week as part of Geekazoids.  The intent was to be a series of one-shots.  It changed because my DM style was and is campaign based and doing a bunch of soulless adventures had no appeal to me.  One-shots, in my opinion, do not support a lot of roleplay.  

I’m not a fan of either Pathfinder Society nor D&D Adventure League and  I like a purpose in my role-play.

I don’t see myself giving a 4th level character to anyone.  All of you worked hard to get your characters up to 4th and 5th level now.  If someone were to assume Angeline’s character it would be difficult to get the mechanics.  The class is weird, and I can’t say all that well thought out in the way of balance.  I had no intention of having her to stick around.  It got to the point the party needed a healer, and she fit the bill.  I wasn’t sure she would stay for the next series.  I think it was Dennis that said she might not be around since her purpose had been with the slaves, which he is correct.

This was one reason I asked on Sunday “Do we want to continue?”  Was everyone happy with their characters, my DM style, heck even playing D&D.  Michael/Harald is big into Pathfinder.  Michael/Adventure League offered to run a DCC, Dungeon Crawl Classic session.  I’ve played a couple of times in Reno.  It was OK, you go through a LOT of 0 level characters in one session.  Bonus, you don’t roll them up, you get them as a bunch of Pre-gens, like playing cards.

I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but, as an example?  Mathew/Cob has done an excellent job in playing a 1st level character and lived.  He has added to the role-play, killed bad guys, and I hope has had a good time with it.  It isn’t necessarily a thing that new people need higher level characters.  There is an attempt made to make the sessions multi-level experiences.  Fireballs aside.

To sum up.

If you are starting a new character sing out sooner than later, because I try to keep things balanced and if the party will start over and have a few less 5th and 4th levels and now have 1st, well I’d hate a TPK.  Even around Halloween.

Please also let me know if you/we are switching game systems.  I heard Dennis/Yussif mention he was fine playing a different system.  Hey Dennis!  You want to GM something I am all for it. 

I get very involved in the game I am playing, so I wind up getting a lot of the offerings.  My D&D collection is large, which is putting it mildly.  I also have a Pathfinder collection, and I even own the DCC game book.  A VAST majority of my role-playing stuff/junk/crap is in storage.  I have no desire to start any of those up as a DM/GM.  I will though PLAY anything.

Having said that?  I enjoy/love playing and being the DM for D&D.  I have tons of ideas, I have the mechanics down, and I’m pretty good.  That was not a solicitation for you to say anything positive about me being a DM btw.  I and my ego are happy over in the corner. 


So, this being all long winded and stuff.  If you are changing your character, let me know.  If we want to switch systems or DM or GM, let me know too.

This is supposed to be fun when it stops being fun it isn’t worth doing.  I’m having fun.

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