October 18, 2016

I am sure there are people like me out there that wonder how is it that everyone else on the planet that is a writer can make themselves get out of bed in the morning to write.  Just today as an example getting up wasn’t the issue but wanting to sit down and write felt like I’d rather have root canal down.  I’ve had root canal so I do know what that feels like. 

I just didn’t want too.  It wasn’t that I wanted to watch Netflix or something.  I didn’t.  I wasted about ten minutes or so on Twitter.  Alright perhaps wasted is too strong of a word but I wasn’t doing anything that was going to promote my writing career how about that?  I did some laundry, whizzed around the internet a bit, and did a lot of staring out the window at nothing in particular at all.  It really all came down to I was grumpy. 

Now I am not annoyed or depressed I was merely grumpy.  I didn’t really care about anything and I wanted to get into a loud and obnoxious fight with just about anyone.  So I did what any good writer usually does; I wrote about it.  Right here, right now. 

I have found a number of things that usually help with this funk and maybe after you read this you will think ‘Wow that was a good idea to fight off the blue llamas.’  I have taken to blaming llamas for everything btw.  First?  I make sure that I have eaten something, healthy in the past two hours.  I check that I have had my vitamins, we all eat like crap, admit it.  You do to!  I make sure to take any number of things to stay healthy. 

I check to make sure I have gotten enough sleep and that I have moved around somewhat.  Exercise can be key to feeling good plus it doesn’t hurt to make you look pretty good too. 

Alright I have gotten the mundane stuff out of the way the next thing would be to read something.  Anything really and this can be a bit difficult because when you’re feeling out of sorts it might be hard to find something that doesn’t make you want to punch a purple llama.  I try to do either magazines or anthologies.  That way I am not stuck reading something when I get bored with it.  I do find that I read a bit more if I have purchased the book rather than the ones you can borrow from your library. 

The last thing I try when all else fails is sit down with my story and tell myself that I have to write SOMETHING.  One, two sentences, anything.  Once I get the two sentences down I start to add more.  “OK just two more, how about one more, well you now have written three I bet you can match that.  Pretty soon I am not even trying to make little deals with myself and I am writing. 
I’m not sure that is going to work for you, anyone else, or even a llama but it does work for me. 

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