Why I hate going to the dentist --- (said tongue in cheek)

Why I hate going to the dentist --- (said tongue in cheek)

October 20, 2016

There are many reasons I am sure you too dislike the dentist but my reasons all come down to my writing.  I was up at 3:30am this morning.  I am usually up around 4am so this is not so unusual and due to work things, yeah another thing that annoys me, I had not read yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.  I love the Journal and read it, usually daily.  Work yesterday thwarted me and so pushed off my usual reading. 

I read yesterdays and today’s Journal where I often will get inspiration, yes from the Wall Street Journal, but alas all I received was the news. 
I then did the breakfast thing, the shower thing and was off to do a few little errands and then I was off to the dentists.  I arrived about 30 minutes early, I was told by the people there I was early, so I sat.  It was 20 minutes late, meaning my appointment was at 10 and I was in the back at 10:20 and my teeth cleaning commenced.  Luckily I had ‘clean teeth’. 

Now the reason for my annoyance.  The time it took for me to get there, sit there, and have my teeth cleaned all disrupted my normal writing routine.  I normally read, have a cigar, think about the days writing and get ready to WRITE.  I could not do that today and that irked me to no end.  I like my routines, I like knowing or having a schedule.  It makes me happy.  Getting home after 11am, and not having done a thing about my chosen career annoyed me. 
Now before you say ‘you could have read at that office’.  I did.  I took a military magazine with me but I could not get into it.  The music was too loud, people talking, yeah I’m strange I like to read in silence, let the words paint the pictures in my head with visualizes and sound, maybe even a sound track.  My day was thrown off. 
Now before you go saying anything else I do like having clean teeth, I like having my teeth, I like that I have a healthier mouth.  So really I am just whining about having to take care of myself instead of being wrapped up in the safe cocoon of writing.  So here is to clean teeth, a happier mouth.  Oh I was also told by the hygienist that it would be ok to fill my water pik with scotch and clean my teeth that way.  So I am sure that is going to show up in a story somewhere so look at that I even got a scene out of the whole thing. 

As an aside the hygienist thought that writing about people stock in ‘a pocket’ in a person’s mouth would be a good story.  I replied maybe as a horror story or one that gets kids to brush.  She threw in a tongue too… which was just weird but if you want to write it you have my permission. 

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