Dreams.  Inspiration or just one more proof I am ....

Dreams. Inspiration or just one more proof I am ....

October 24, 2016


Does that evoke in you something that feels strange, creative, and slightly scary all at once?  It does for me because I do not dream all that often.  When I do it is usually because something has been bothering me for days and finally my subconscious wakes up, takes control, and shows me a way out of the mess I am dealing with.  The other part of that ‘usually’ statement is when one of the Muse voices in my head wake up and say something like ‘look at me, look at me’.  Hopefully it is worth looking at. 

The other night was just such an example.  I had been a little concerned that the story I was working on was going to fall apart.  You know you are 5000 words in and suddenly the Muse goes and gets a cup of coffee and is gone for three days.  When she gets back, you aren’t really sure where you left off and you are no longer all that excited by the other stuff you have written.  Yes, sadly that does happen to me too. 

This last time a new character showed up, he is pretty interesting, and I already can hear his voice.  Just between you and me, don’t tell anyone else, that rarely ever happens to me.  For writing stuff?  Most of my inspiration comes in the shower and usually when I’m washing my hair.  No clue what putting hands on my head and scrubbing has to do with being creative.  I don’t but it works and I am not going to poke the Muse in the eye to find out. 

A for example?  The story I am writing now is called “Titus’ Ghost”.  I had no intention of writing THIS story, I had a different one in mind.  Yep, you guessed it I am a Panster no outlining for me.  Now I think this is the better way to write but I will admit that is just my thought I am sure someone out there does a great job outlining.  
Titus was a minor walk on character, in the shower, scrubbing, and suddenly it is “No he isn’t, he’s a ghost!”  As an aside and I’m only speaking to you here, I have ‘pansted’ some more of the story but I don’t want to give away too much. 

What the long and short of all of this is?  Dreams scare me, they do.  I find it just weird that my mind can come up with some of this stuff, in color, while I am asleep.  So yes, I do have a journal on the bedside for that once a month dream that speaks to me.  My dreams maybe scary, horror, blood filled, whack a mole things but one thing I can say is that they aren’t boring.  That and in my head I really am a sick person so luckily I can write about it. 

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