Things I have learned about my website, security, and thank you Let's Encrypt

Things I have learned about my website, security, and thank you Let's Encrypt

February 21, 2017

If you are like me, hopefully you aren't in most regards, but this is a start, right?  Anyway.  If you have a website you probably have considered if you need an SSL or a Secured Socket Layer Certificate.  I know, right?  I have you on the edge of your seat with this techno babble.

A SSL protects you and the people that come to your website from those nefarious people known as hackers that want to do mean things to you and to those people that visit your website.  Wrong I know.  If your website has a 'back end' which usually means either you want to sell things and take credit cards or something much simpler like you want to easily post things to your website.  You have a back end.

In the days of yore, like two years ago, you have to pay money to get a decent SSL and it was a pain in the....internet to get it installed properly on your website.  A lot of people thought 'It's hard, why bother?' and then ran into issues when Internet Explorer popped up with a message that said that the SSL cert was out of date or missing and this was an evil website inhabited by evil people that wanted your credit card and to know your movie choices on Netflix!

There was Go-Daddy who had a big name already in the website business and Verisign which also was well known in the tech field.  Verisign was expensive but it was one of those things they marketed as "How much is trust worth?" type of thing.  Pretty good selling point.

Let's Encrypt, the people that provides my SSL is crowd funded and asks for donations and provides a free SSL for your site.  Weird huh?  They also provide an auto renew option. The SSL expires every 90 days and they suggest you renew every 60 days.  I think that is cool too, keeps things current and keeps up with changing technology.  Or at least I do hope so!  Of course I have a link to their website, this is the FAQ page.  LetsEncrypt

I should probably say here I have nothing to do with Let'sEncrypt besides I use the service.  I'm getting no money, I doubt, besides that I use the service, they even know that I exist.  I am merely attempting to help out other writers.  Weird huh?  OK back to techno babble

The hardest part of installing a SSL was always the CSR or the Certificate Signing Request.  Seriously this was the rabbit hole of trying to do things correctly and if it was done incorrectly?  You could lose hours as well as your hair, a bit of money, and hours spent with tech support on hold.

This stuff is all automated so it is cooler still.  There is NO CSR  -cheers from the fans-  I know, right?  It is pretty darn cool and simple.  If you have installed a SSL before you will be amazed.  If you haven't?  I think you will be equally amazed at how cool it is.

So, I rambled but it comes down to this.  Your website needs an SSL for security and Let'sEncrypt is a good, FREE, simple choice.  

Check them out.

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