Writing, SEO, oh and Good Morning

Writing, SEO, oh and Good Morning

March 23, 2017

Good Morning! or How I work in the Morning to Write or SEO Optimization Workshop

I say that in my feeble attempt to wake myself up and get back into my habit of writing.  Bit of changes had my writing taking a back seat to everything else but today, yes today is the day that I am back on track and this blog post is the that start.  Good Morning!

So, last week I attended a workshop on SEO Optimization, it was at the Reno Collective, yes you guessed it in Reno, NV.  The presenter was Debbie Sessions, one of the things she does is work with SCORE, which seems to work with businesses and this particular chapter works in northern Nevada.  I’ll post the link later and I’ll even explain why.  I believe in marketing speech that is considered a ‘teaser’ look at me getting all Markety.  Plus, I just made up a word that Word doesn’t know.  I am the bomb this morning I tell you.
So, to get started on the second part;

I usually wake up between 330 and 4am.  Why?  I have NO idea I just do.  For the longest time, I would lay awake in bed and try to fall back asleep and that worked one time out of ten.  I then started to get up and watch Hulu for whatever TV show I felt I had to watch.  I then started to think I should be doing something else that became reading the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and getting a handle on what was or is going on in the world.
Amazingly though it also started to get me thinking about writing, again.  I had gone through any number of times of thinking ‘I am a Writer’ and that lasted about two weeks…

I had not noticed until now that I was getting all history of me started so I am going to stop there and start again…

My schedule for writing is I wake up usually before 4am and grab something to read.  That has been either the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times of late.  I PREFER the print editions, something about the paper in my hands that I enjoy but the digital versions, well they never show up on your doorstep late, chewed by the dog, or wet from snow or rain.  I read the papers for inspiration.  You would be surprised what inspires me with the news.  There is a lot of good science stuff, especially if your mind thinks like mine does.  I am not suggesting you should think like I do, I mean there are enough of me to go around already.  I keep a notebook and pen nearby and either jot down notes or make saves so I can refer to the articles I like.

During this time, I have between two to three cups of coffee, I am not sure if that is quite needed or not but I like coffee.  Before you get all concerned for my health and the amount of caffeine, I am ingesting I should tell you I worked for Starbucks for a number of years.  A you might have guessed they suggest that you drink, taste, think about, describe coffee.  I did.  It was FREE!  I drank enough coffee that I pretty much broke any hold caffeine has on me.  Seriously, I can have coffee and go right to bed, I can also go without it for days and no I don’t get grumpy.  I do like the taste of coffee.

So, in a previous blog post I shared how I get my ideas to write and this is slightly different because of the SEO Optimization workshop I attended.  More Markety speech, I am supposed to make sure to put the tag line in the story I write a couple of times so the ‘spiders’, people at the workshop called them ‘robots’ but I like the visual of Google sending out spiders to get information and spinning their little webs.  Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the Google.   Here is a link to that previous post, Ideas

So, I am up, I am drinking coffee, and I check email to make sure that my world is not on fire and that the internet or interwebs are still out there and working.  Another new word it seems, interwebs for the internet.  I then check Twitter.  I find that I like Twitter, I have people that I follow, people that follow me and we seem to get along pretty well.  It is nice to get affirmations, support, the likes from pretty much total strangers but they also have no skin in the game so I feel it is more genuine.  I could also be full of poop, who knows right?

I check over my notes after checking out the Twitter and I open up Word and start writing.  Pretty much I do this without a net, I make sure to save my work about every 10 minutes or so and I do TRY to make sure I save my writing to a thumb drive or something that is not connected to this machine 24 hours a day.  I try to get good writing in between 5am to 7am and I am shooting for 2000 words during that time.  I read that Gabriella Pereira, founder of diyMFA, a person I have a lot of respect for and I have read her book, diyMFA (the book link on Amazon) says that she doesn’t write 2000 words a day, sometimes she doesn’t write at all.  -Shudders-  I admit there are times that 2000 words seems like a LOT but not writing anything?  Crazy pants.  Just in case you live under a rock the magic 2000 words come from Mr. Stephen King, whose book ‘On Writing’ I have also read and very much enjoyed.  Thank you, Mr. King.

Back to SEO Optimization workshop, the part I did not agree with or I had no foundation with was that the presenter, Debbie Sessions, kept referring to Word Press.  Yeah, you may or may not have noticed but this website, thievesguild.biz and writeonyourwall.com are not Word Press sites.  Most of her suggestions I could not use in the actual building.  That was OK because I’m pretty happy with my site.  The website in case you are curious was done in CSS, HTML and the back end was done in Ruby on Rails.

I’m reading over my notes from the workshop I found out that I don’t have a ‘tagline’ for my website or my brand.  Not sure really why I had not thought about it but just didn’t get done so here is the one I came up with, ready?

Writing Stories that Steal your Imagination
What do you think?  Pretty good?  I do.  Whole Thieves Guild them thing
That is pretty much my writing day.  Or that is how I write.  Through the course of the rest of the day I will try to add 250 words in sprints, I read, I try to read a lot to see how other people structure their stories, along with history magazines for inspiration, I do my upmost to limit my Hulu, Netflix, Amazon watching to an hour at lunchtime and then not until 7pm or so at night.  I barely make one show at that time because, I wake up on or about 4am.
Thoughts?  Comments?

There is a bit more on SEO Optimization which I think I will save for later.  Thank you Debbie Sessions for the workshop and the Reno Collective for sponsoring it. 

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