A Movie Review:  "Baahubali 2  The Conclusion

A Movie Review: "Baahubali 2 The Conclusion

May 11, 2017

I have to admit I was not sure I even wanted to go to this movie.  I am not a big fan of having to read my movie but I was told this was good, it was big over seas and that I needed to expand my horizons.  So I went.  I should start off by saying I was pleasantly surprised but then again I shouldn't have been.  The last subtitled movie I had gone to see was Amelie when I in Va. and I very much enjoyed that movie too.  Yeah I don't go and see a lot of foreign films.

Let me first say it was WAY over the top.  Sweeping vistas, lots of special effects **Spoilers to follow**.  I mean having steers with their horns on fire and using them to attack a bunch of bad guys?  Elephants crushing people just cause?  A ship that was very Elven/Tolkien in appearance that flew?  I am not saying that any of these things didn't belong in the movie?  It was merely very...big.

To me the movie was any epic movie of your choosing:  Hero, bad guy that was also the hero's brother.  Evil Uncle that goaded brother on, and beautiful princess that both brothers fall in love with and our hero is sent to bring home...Toss in a little Shakespeare where the hero is out and about, pretending not to be anyone, rescues the princess who doesn't need saving as she is a hero too....romance, romance, romance but all tastefully done.

The Queen...a very powerful character and the actress was perfect for the role, strong, smart, and very much a mom.

The one thing I could have done a lot less of was the cameras that stayed on each character when a dramatic note was introduced.  I was wondering if I was watching a bad 80's soap opera or something produced south of the border.  I mean, the music was enough of a clue that something was up.

A note about the music, I liked it.  I am not one for musicals, I saw La-La Land and it was 'OK'?  I am pretty sure that though is my thing and nothing bad about that movie.  Here since I was reading the movie anyway having the actors sing to one another was not overly annoying.
Another bit about the music?  There was a choir that sang background music a lot during the fight scenes which was different.  I mean Conan did not have his own back up choir when he was fighting the monsters or bad guys.  I'm sure Arnold would have loved that, but they did that here and I felt it added to the over all effect of the movie.

So, yes I liked the movie, sure I will more than likely see the sequel, no I don't think I will see the first one because from what I was able to watch, hear from those around me in the seats, the director did a good job bringing you up to speed.  I didn't miss anything.

I was amused because the hero Baahubali actually dies 2/3's of the way into the movie.  I look at my watch and wonder "Seriously they are going to make this go to a third movie, not knowing that there was a third movie, when the actor is brought back, minus a bit of hair, and plays his son who goes on to kill the evil brother/uncle.  I was very amused by this, the actor playing the father and the son.  They had the same name too!

Something I didn't like?

I didn't like when the son comes back there is a woman with him, his mom, and some other 'retainer's that help out.  I wanted to know who the heck the woman was??  Was it his sister?  His wife?  I was told that it was his wife but with everything else the director could have had one sentence in there:  "Honey, once we kill my evil uncle, take back the kingdom, make things right with the world let's get the boys and have dinner, I love you wife."  I mean, something.

I am going to leave the parts about Baahubali's slave/uncle guy for you to go see, I liked his character, as well as the princess's cousin who was there for the comedy and was funny and had a very redeeming scene towards the end.

Go see this movie!  If for nothing else the costumes were visually stunning and see a movie outside your comfort zone.  I mean any movie called "The Star Wars of India" can't be bad now can it?  To answer that question, no it isn't a bad movie.

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