Threadraider podcast

Threadraider podcast

November 1, 2017

I have fallen out of practice in listening to podcasts.  Yeah, yeah I am an evil person.  I had been invited to become a Thread Raider by Chaotic Anarchy on Twitter.  Yeah, if you are going to want to follow her too you are going to have to look her up.  It was a bunch of madness about food in the beginning, that food being; pizza, tacos, and yes cream crab.  Don't ask, I mean, seriously don't you will get more information then you will ever want.  Plus there are some very disturbing pictures of pizza.  -shudder-

So anyway, the threadraiders podcast, yes this is the link I strongly suggest that you save it and listen to each if nothing else they are sure to be entertaining.

So, without further ado ...the review. (OH and this is pretty much a MINI SPOILER review so if you want to listen to it without knowing what is going on, listen to it via the link above and then come back.  Yeah, sorry you have to do a little bit of work there.

So, the people making up the podcast team are Cptsugarbear, Shriekee and Gryffoleon and again these are the names they are know by on Twitter so if you are curious go follow them there.  It is taking a while to get this thing started, isn't it?

I rather liked the whole podcast.  I found it to be both entertaining and not a little informative about where there might be scary if not haunted places to visit in San Diego, Canada, and England.  My little bit of a criticism?  I would not have minded some sort of link on the website to any or some, or one of the places so I could check them out myself if such a link existed.  If nothing else maybe a map?  I do travel a little bit and finding something on google or bing maps would be rather cool, but then again yeah that is my opinion.

They reviewed the movies, for scariness: Pans Labyrinth and I learned it was set after the Spanish Civil War, I had not known that before the podcast so thank you. (1944 if you are like me and had no clue)  I had known it was set in Spain so yay me?  I too enjoyed the movie and found the guy with the eyeball on the palm of his hand especially creepy.  (The Pale Man)

I too have always found Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy to be equally as scary.  I watched that movie for the first time -cough- a few/many years ago and at 1am and when it was over, I won't ruin the ending for you if you have not seen it, but I will tell you I jumped and I am pretty sure I was a moment away from soiling myself, that was to me, SCARY.

George Romero movies are what?  The pinnacle of zombie movies?  Totally off topic here but I wanted to make sure I spelled his name correctly and when I did a search on Bing I thought for a moment; "Wait is that Stan Lee?"  Anyone else think George and Stan could be at least related, if not brothers?  Yeah, well I do.  Anyway, yes the Zombie movies, 'Dawn of the Dead' especially still creep me out and yes I prefer my zombies to be slow, stupid and run in a horde that to me is what makes them so terrifying that there are so many of them and you can't get away.

So, all 3 Threadraiders were spot on about scary movies.  I didn't feel that links were needed to see the movies, that would be up to each person listening and if you couldn't find any of these movies, let alone if you didn't own one, well go find them cause they are right these are good scary movies!

I am going to stop with the spoilers her because as I thought about it and think about it if I tell you how great the podcast is why would you want to go listen to it?  Meh!  So, I will tell you the next section is about dreams, what was the most frightening dream they had and more or less how it effected them.  I would suggest that if you have a frightening dream?  Write to them about it, they have a place on their website for comments, comment away and let them know you are doing it cause you saw it on   See, shameless plug there.

The last portion was about scary places that are near to them and this is the part where I felt they should have some links up to at least maps so people could go see or visit them.  Now granted this is going to be near where the podcasters live but I doubt that you could find them by standing on a street corner yelling loudly "Hey Cptsugarbear you want to meet for coffee?"  I mean he probably would but he wouldn't be annoyed by it.

So!  I liked the podcast, I am going to be listening to more as they go up.  I think you should too.  Oh I should probably mention I can't say that this is 'safe' for the small ear crowd, there is some 'colorful' language at times and well if you aren't cool with that you might want to listen to it first to make sure you are ok with the language around your kids.

Thanks for Reading!

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