Krampus and the World

Krampus and the World

December 11, 2017

It being the end of the year I thought I might change things up a bit.  I have gone out of my way not to make any political statements or make a stand or do anything that could be considered controversial?  I will endeavor to continue that trend on Twitter.  Which you know you can follow me on at (Sure, shameless self promoting plug) 

This post is actually coming from an on going conversation that I have been having with the Muse and well, to some extent the Basque Twins.  A little bit about what I am talking about first.  If you follow me on twitter, and you should cause I'm amusing, I usually start off my mornings with a 'get ready to write' type of post that features either something that my Muse had said or me trying to kick start her into funneling me some writing ideas.  The Muse is one of, as I see it, the Voices in my Head.  I have more than a few.  Others might call it inspiration, or how your mind works, or what have you.  I consider it to be it's own 'thing' my Muse.  She normally comes out when asked and she assists me in being creative. Often in the most out of the way places like when walking, taking a shower, or attempting to do anything else.  She shows up, offers a tidbit, and I run with it and suddenly it is a 1000 words later.

The Basque twins are different.  They are the anger balls inside of me that try to come out and wreck havoc on the world at large.  I named them the Basque Twins, with no thought of being offensive to any group or another, but when they first started talking to me, I honestly could not understand them.  I just KNEW that there was a lot of anger there.  I picked something at random, I think I had been watching a television or Netflix show were someone was Basque and I went with it.  If anyone is offended, I'm sorry.  I am also pretty sure that the Muse is going to use them at some point in some story she hasn't yet.

So, Krampus.  I found Krampus oh I don't know how many years ago.  I always wondered why there was a good guy, Santa Claus and no real opposite side of that coin.  The worst thing that can happen is that you don't get any toys and you are left with a lump of coal?  I didn't ever feel that was all that much of a punishment; parents being parents would more than likely want to make it up to you, right?  If you want or need to look up or find out some things on Krampus, look him up he is now all over the internet there is even a movie.  I give the movie a solid C.  It isn't bad, it isn't great, it's average.

I found Krampus though and being switched, dragged away from your parents, and then boiled up and eaten in a stew pot, now there was a man/demon that knew about punishment for misbehavior, right?  So, much to the chagrin of others I have become quite the ardent admirer of Krampus and one of the first stories I ever wrote was a Krampus story based at Lake Tahoe in California, yeah, not the Nevada side.  I placed it in a place I knew and with made up people that MIGHT be loosely based on some local people that I have met.  Maybe...Maybe not.

Now, that is a LOT of background material, right?  To the meat of the issue; The ONLY way I can think of explaining what is going on today in the US and the World?  Somehow we really annoyed Krampus and he has taken time off and is no longer punishing anyone, anymore for being 'bad'.  I got nothing else to even come close to being what the issue is.  I mean we are all someone's child, so that would make us open to being dealt with my Krampus and well someone annoyed him and he has gone on vacation and no one is being held accountable for their actions.

"Krampus?  I can't speak for everyone but myself, but if I have done anything to annoy you, be rude, say something mean without meaning it and this has hurt your feelings, been rude, or something else that I am not even aware of?  I'm SORRY!"  If you aren't sure if you have done something to annoy Krampus I might suggest that you apologize too.

This next part is going to be the yearly time I bring up politics, if you don't feel like reading my reasons for thinking that Krampus has stopped being the disciplinarian that I know that he is, you can stop reading now.  I mean the media outlets have all covered this stuff and I'm doing this to get it out of my system.  Now if you're curious to see if you agree with me?  Or you are a fan, do keep reading.  Thought a warning label should be put out there though.  If you want to skip down the next 5 paragraphs, you will come to the more uplifting section of the post, you can skip all the stuff that made the Muse and I angry and believe me it is not a complete list.  I mean I did not once bring up Intellectual Theft.

Somehow we got Donald Trump elected president.  I truly have NO idea how this happened.  I do think it was in response to something?  Still very confused to what that thing is.  I'm really not sure how electing the guy that gave us 'The Apprentice', said it was OK to grope women, and also has said, publically, that he would have sex with his daughter, seriously?  You say this where it can be recorded?  He is also supporting this Moore character for a Senate seat, is ok with getting rid of Net Neutrality, I've read where he 'Anger Watches CNN'  Who does that?  I read an article that he watches 4 hours of TV a day, and part of that time he watches CNN being mad at the broadcast.

Does ANYONE remember when a hint, a whiff, a whisper of doing something wrong in an elected official meant that they couldn't run because it was an accepted fact that you would lose?  If there was an appearance of impropriety, you took your name off the ballot.  In 1988 Gary Hart, the senator from Colorado and the front runner for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 1988 was taken out of the running by 'allegations' not proof, 'allegations of an extra marital affair with a woman named Donna Rice on a yacht named of all things 'Monkey Business'.  His political career was done.  I was reading this morning how women are coming forward now to accuse Mr. Trump of 'sexual misconduct'.  Who knows how that will play out.

A host of sexual allegations that have turned Hollywood upside down.  Harvey Weinstein's issues started the landslide and anyone would be hard pressed to go onto a news website and not find that someone else has stepped forward to say they had an issue with sexual misconduct.  I have not yet heard of someone being accused of this and not having it be true.  What is wrong with our culture that this has been going on for so long?

The same time of allegations have also been in; sports, the news media, even my own favorite NPR.  Yeah, I am a listener of NPR and enjoy the majority of their programing and in politics.  In the state houses and in congress, senators and congressmen.  Seems guys are just bad teenagers that need to be taken to the woodshed or something.  No, that isn't right.  No, what these men need is to be asked the simple question; "What would you want done if I did this to your mother, wife, sister, or daughter?  What would the right and correct response be then?

Politics is not about getting the job done, it seems to be sticking it to the other guy.  How can any person that voted for the new tax plan say it is a good thing?  It isn't.  That is pretty simple, it just isn't.  I truly feel there aren't 20 people in politics today that can say "I don't care about your political party, I'm here to work for you, get the job done, and let's get moving towards the goal."  We have accused pedophiles running for the US Senate in Alabama.  What type of message is that sending to kids today?

Do you want to know, Krampus, where I take solace?  The role playing community and the writing groups in my community and online.  These are a diverse bunch of folks from all over the world, the world, that have one thing in common.  They like aspects of role playing games and books.

The role playing community like all different types of roleplaying games.  They can be found on the table tops, with grandfathers and granddaughters sitting around the table playing on a Sunday.  I read earlier today about a father who was proud and happy that his 5yr old daughter had rolled up her first character and she rolled up a cat.  A cat.  She was happy, she played with other people in her family or whatever.  I don't know, what I do know is that her dad was happy to have her play and couldn't wait for the next game and neither could she.  Someone else's daughter slipped a curly fry on her finger and he asked her 'Are you married?  she said "No, I'm Frodo"  How very cool is that?

People might not be into all aspects of gaming.  Some might be into making maps, others painting miniatures.  Others might like talking about their games, using technology like Twitch and YouTube to stream the games.  There might be hand held gamers, gamers that like X-box over PS4.  The list goes on, but what I don't see is someone attacking someone else because they like playing 3.5 edition of DnD over playing 5th edition or 1st edition.  (I am not sure how anyone could think anything is better then 1st edition, but hey...I can let other people have their WRONG opinions. (heh)

The writing groups are equally as helpful.  Free podcasts, websites and WP sites that offer all sorts of free material.  Just to know that someone else out there has struggled with finding the time to write, that their Muse sometimes takes a vacation, and that not all of us are a Stephen King that writes 2000 plus words a day?  Is a comfort.  With Meet-Up?   I have been able to find a Local Writing Group where I can meet with fellow writers and share war stories from the trenches about the joy and difficulties in this lonely profession.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Write Now Podcasts by Sarah Rhea Werner which I have just recently found and enjoy very much and the Plot Bunny Farm and S. J. Penner @ Which I found through NaNoWriMo which can be found in a previous blog post.   Both quite wonderful people and give a lot of free encouragement and support.

So Krampus, to wrap this up?  I really have no idea what we as a culture, group of people or just me has done wrong but whatever it is?  I am quite sorry.  I will be checking in with you next year to see if the apology worked.  Plus for all you NEW Krampus people?  Krampus Night is Dec 5th so start thinking your good thoughts now.  That is what I'm doing.

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