Review Night of the Long Shadows

Review Night of the Long Shadows

January 14, 2018

I’ve been going about trying to get more reading done, so as I do?  I will be reviewing the books as I finish them.  I have mentioned libraries before, this next one comes out of my personal library.  What that means this is a book that I show on my shelf and I decided it was time to at least get something off my shelf and I am not permitting myself to buy new ones till the shelves start to look a bit more barren.

This next book is set in the Dungeons and Dragons world of Eberron.  Now this setting is something that I wish that I had created.  It is odd enough, original enough that I am intrigued on almost everything about it.  I say almost because I am sure there is enough here, the setting, that I haven’t learned enough about the setting.
The first book I read produced by the folks at Dungeons and Dragons for Eberron was “Shadows of the Last War.”  An Anthology that had me hungering for more.  Now I am not reviewing “Shadows” because I read the book quite some time ago so I will not use my memory for an unfair review.  I can heartily endorse it though and say if you want to know about Eberron without spending all the money on the RPG books that is a good place to start.  I am going to provide a link to the Eberrron setting so you can check the setting out yourself.

Without further ado I present “Night of the Long Shadows” by Paul Crilley.  I don’t much of Mr. Crilley’s work to be able to offer my advice about his other books, so I will say this is a good, plot driven story with interesting characters.  It is not a formula driven book, has some interesting twists and turns.  I am not going to say it is going to keep you on the seat of your pants type of read.  I do feel these types of books are being aimed at a YA group, not old fuddy duddy people like myself.  That does not nor, should it detract you from wanting to read the book.  As an example, don’t expect over the top sex or foul language. 

The collection of books called “The Inquisitives” the books are not interrelated, there is no you command to read this before you read anything else, it is more of they are set in the same type of setting, something happens and the characters are trying to figure out what is going on.  This is the second book in that group, I did read the first “Bound by Iron” by Edward Bolme, another book I read a bit of time ago, so I won’t review that one either, except to say yes, I did read it.  That is how I know that the books aren’t related.

It is the first book with the character Abraxis Wren who is an Inquisitor and will be making future appearances in other stories.
The short version of the story; A woman is killed, her lover is thought to have done the killing and Wren and his partner, Torin a dwarf, are hired to find out what happened, the problem being no one really cares, and it is all happening during the Night of the Long Shadows when the dark/evil gods all want to come back.  The man accused of the killing, Cutter, is a pretty handy guy to have in a fight, not one of those deep thinkers and mainly is morose over his lover’s death.  This does make sense since the story takes place over the course of only a few days and nights.

It was not a hard read, I finished the book in the matter of 36 hours.  I would have finished it sooner, but I had things popping up demanding my attention.  If you need a book that you want to read in an afternoon or over the course of the weekend, I can highly recommend this book.  It also gives you the flavor of Eberron which if read can’t hurt if you are going to GM in this world.

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