The Crimson Campaign, Book 2 of the Powder Mage Trilogy

The Crimson Campaign, Book 2 of the Powder Mage Trilogy

April 2, 2018

I was on fire while I read this book; “The Crimson Campaign” meaning I couldn’t put it down and tore through this book.  I didn’t just enjoy it, I very much enjoyed it.  The story had a good pace, kept me entertained, and I didn’t want to put the book down.  In some regard it reminds me of a David Weber or a Jim Butcher book.  I want to read faster, find out what happens next, I also want to read slower, so I savor the story and I don’t finish too quickly and find myself wondering where is the next book?  Simple answer, hopefully it is at the library waiting for me to check it out.


So, the book starts with Taniel and Ka-Poel getting over the idea between them they killed a god.  Big deal, totally agree.  We also have the bloom of a relationship between the two of them, it goes so far as  Taniel asks Poel to marry him.  Now before you get all excited, he isn’t doing it as a romantic gesture, well not yet anyway.  He is doing it because he is getting a lot of grief from the higher ups in the army because he is having a savage live with him.  He is told  no one cares about a wife, but un married savages are a no-no.  Taniel turns to Poel says “Will you marry me?”  She of course nods her head yes, but also gives him a look we the readers view it matters a lot more to her than it does to him.

Tamas thinks he is laying a trap for the Kez when they are laying a trap for him, their trap works better, and he is hundreds of miles away from where he needs to be, has to fight running battles to get back and everyone back in Adron thinks he is dead.  The army is taken over by idiots, who don’t appreciate Powder Mages, and it looks like Taniel is the only one left.  Since Taniel is not good at following orders, he is Tamas’ son, things soon go down hill with Tamas being gone.

My criticism of this book?  I didn’t like there was so much story dealing with Adamat.  I am not a nice person, so I didn’t care a lot about his wife, Faye and their son being kidnapped.  We don’t see much if anything of his son, we only see Faye when she is yelling and then when rescued that she is partially broken from the ordeal.  I should point out during her captivity that really horrible things were done to her?  I am glad the author left that up to our imaginations.  I would not find any enjoyment in reading a rape scene dealing with someone’s wife and mom.

Tamas, Olem, and Vlora from the first book are still together, Olem being Tamas’ bodyguard, he has an ability, a Knack he doesn’t ever have to sleep, I am not sure if this means he never sleeps, just he doesn’t have too.  During the time dealing with trying to get back to the rest of the army, it is pretty clear that Vlora and Olem have a relationship, that it doesn’t last, and that the point was that they both needed someone, and then that was over.  There is some fore shadowing that maybe Vlora and Tamas might get together.  I can’t say I am sure if this will happen, mentioning it could.

We also see Nila, she was in the first book.  A laundress, that becomes a nanny for the pretender to the throne, Jakob, whom she rescued in the first book.  We find out besides being sent to murder Tamas, with the help of Bo, the last Privileged of the Royal Cabal, she is also a Privileged and she can work magic without gloves, which no one has ever seen before.

Adamat’s foe throughout the two books has been a man named Vetas, he is the one that kidnaps his wife and son, through it all he seems always one step ahead.  When Adamat is able to get Bo, the Royal Cabal privileged involved, well Vetas’ days are numbered, and things are put to right.

I don’t want to give too many things away with this review.  Suffice to say if you enjoyed the first book, you will like the second one as well and you will be looking forward to the last; “The Autumn Republic” I know I am.

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