Girl in Space Podcast

Girl in Space Podcast

April 2, 2018

So… In my attempt to become even healthier I turned to walking.  For the longest time I was left alone with my thoughts, and if anyone knows me?  Left alone with my thoughts is not usually a good thing, so I turned to the magic of the Internet and I discovered Podcasts!

Now, being a writer, I, of course, turned to writing podcasts.  I quickly found the “Write Now” podcast with Sarah Rhea Warner.  This quickly turned into a favorite.  Walking with Sarah in my ear interviewing writers that had made it or others that wanted to help writers achieve positive goals.  I can’t say they all hit me in my sweet spot, let’s face it some people just aren’t as interesting to me, as other people are.  I  walked anyway, ha PUN, since I walk when I listen to the podcast, with something from each one.  I’ve been listening now for over a year.

Next came “Writing Excuses”, these, to me, VERY informative.  Seriously each one, even when one of the guest hosts isn’t in my sweet spot, these short, usually 15 minutes, TEACH.  I’ve taken to bringing a notebook/pen combo to jot down thoughts and ideas that the panel give me.  These two podcasts are great for writers.  I don’t think it matters if you are new to the craft or are on your tenth book.  I think that somewhere you will pick something up that you will feel bettered your writing.
Alright, now we are to the podcast that I really wanted to talk about “Girl in Space”.  This is also by Sarah Rhea Warner, but it is her fiction, now an interview of a writer show.  I am at episode 107, which is the latest one I can find, and I enjoy each and every single one of them.

Alright, fine, I do have a single complaint.  It isn’t a big one, it isn’t a medium one, a minor at best, if I am being honest though it does make my nose twitch when it happens.  The intro music, which to me reminds me of the music from the BBC production of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” is too long.  I am speaking about the first time the music plays, as someone that is walking and listening, I would enjoy the story starting faster.  I do very much enjoy the little prologue scenes that occur before the theme music starts.

The main character X chronicle everything into her data recorder as a means of “Saving it for posterity”, I love it.  The characters each have a distinct voice, the story is original, well produced, and well written.  This is one of those things that is simple to listen too, very PG if not G rated, and long enough that you want more, short enough that you also want more.  I enjoy the background noises of the ship doors opening and closing, birds chirping, and (Spoiler!) and until her untimely death off camera the sounds that Daisy made in the background.

At the end of each episode there is a small commercial for supporting the podcast by become a Patreon, and one of the more amusing portion of the ad.  To paraphrase here “For as little as $2.00 a month you will also be entitled to some “Sweet Merch”. “  I have to tell you, every time I hear that, “Sweet Merch” I swear Sarah is trying to cover a giggle.  I’m sure it is pre-recorded, and it is the same pitch from the week before, it for some reason amuses the heck out of me.  I am amused too that it took till at least the 4th episode for Sarah to cross reference with her Write Now podcast.

The other nice thing about this podcast is there is also a shout out to another podcast.  I started listening to “Rex Riveter, Private Investigator” from hearing about that podcast, and I have downloaded one entire case file.  I have also downloaded and not listened to as of yet “The Once and Future Nerd” podcast.  Will be checking out the others mentioned when I need to fill my phone for my walks.

I should mention I do listen to Tea & Jeopardy, a Hugo awarding podcast.  They interview writers, but for some reason they haven’t posted a new podcast for over a month, since February, and I don’t see anything on their website about an update.  I did check their Patreon page too and I don’t see any notes about what is happening so I’m waiting to find out what is up.

I should point out I don’t support these podcasts, but I am getting ready to look over my budget and see if I can squeeze a couple of bucks out of it.  If I can?  Girl in Space is going to be one of the first ones I support.  Listen, they are that good.

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