Review of the podcasts; "The Worldbuilder's Anvil", "Threadraiders Podcast", "The Writeship Podcast", and "The Strange Case of Starship Iris".

Review of the podcasts; "The Worldbuilder's Anvil", "Threadraiders Podcast", "The Writeship Podcast", and "The Strange Case of Starship Iris".

April 5, 2018

As anyone reads my blog knows, OK, maybe you don’t?  I walk pretty much every day,  not to be healthy this is because I am a Type 2 Diabetic, yep putting it all in capital letters.  I walk because I was told exercise was a piece of the pie for my continued keeping of my body parts.  Rather fond of things like my feet and eyesight so it behooved me to do things that would necessitate keeping them.

I now walk over 10K steps every day.  Yep, rain, shine, hot, cold, I am out there walking.  I will admit if the weather is rather wonky I will go to a mall or some indoor place and walk there.  It would seem this exercise is addictive, being known now for walking at 9pm to make sure I get my steps in.

While I walk I listen to podcasts.  The newest ones are “World Builder's Anvil” with Jeffery W. Ingram.  Next is “WriteShip Podcast” hosted by Alyssa Archer and Leslie Watts.  That changes in later episodes as Clark Chamberlain replaces Alyssa Archer.  Episodes with Mr. Chamberlain have yet to reviewed.  “Thread Raiders Podcast” with three of the original ThreadRaiders from Twitter.  The podcast of “The Strange Case of Starship Iris” is last on my list.

“World Builder's Anvil” by Mr. Ingram so far has been a delight.  Not that I have learned oodles of things about worldbuilding.  Having been a writer and a table top role-playing enthusiast.  Or, fine, I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1978.  Yes, I’m old.  There might have been a time  it could I’d say “There is nothing wrong with THACO, it’s math.”  There is a section on Cosmology that consideration should be listened to for anyone world building.  I know I had not given it the thought Mr. Ingram gave it.  Nothing wrong with finding gold nuggets.

“WriteShip Podcast” with Alyssa and Leslie is educational.  They take a story submitted to them by a brave author and the two discuss ways the story could be better.  This being the first episode, it can be forgiven, instead of saying something nice about the piece first before finding the faults which even with my limited and horrid writing experience.  Yes, one of them reads the selection aloud and then goes back and discusses the things that could be better.  There should be an appreciation that there is not a time where either say; “This is wrong”.  No, they are both very careful to say encouraging things to improve the writing and the story.  This sounds scary.  I am someone that sits on the edge of their chair when anyone reads something I wrote; personal experience tells me how hard this is.

“ThreadRaiders Podcast” was a delight.  I should state right off the bat I was a ThreadRaider for some time.  This is a group on Twitter that talks about anything that comes into their minds.  Comedy and comradeship abound with healthy does of teasing and outright silliness.  The hosts known by their Twitter names; Chaotic Anarchy, Griswick, and David Steele.  Yes David Steele is his actual name before you feel the need to correct me.  Heh.

This is a podcast where the three people talk about role playing, podcasts, there is even a segment called “What’s in the Box?”  Which is for gamers that can add this to any rpg game of your choosing.  One person creates the setting and the other two have to tell us “What is in the box”.  Quite entertaining.  The podcast reviews where they will be next, live.  An example being in Philadelphia for a podcast convention over two weekends and at GenCon, the premier Dungeons and Dragons convention.

The last podcast “The Strange Case of Starship Iris”.  Admittedly this podcast came up as a suggestion after listening to “Girl in Space”.  Right off the space suit though it hooked me.  Something horrible happens, an annoying computer-generated voice repeats itself multiple times with an annoying message, in multiple language even.  A horrible outcome is expected and two of the characters find out they attended the same college and reminisce about a horrid toupee that a professor wore.

If nothing else I suggest that you check out these podcasts and see what you think for yourselves.  For writers?  You cannot go wrong with “WriteShip Podcast” I would be hard pressed to think you would not learn something in every episode even with only listening to one.  “ThreadRaiders Podcast” is fun, “Worldbuilder's Anvil” gives gems, and “The Strange Case of Starship Iris” is entertaining.  So, get walking and get listening.  Oh, all of these are on iTunes.  If you like one of them please review on iTunes, the producers would love to hear from you.

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