International Table Top Game Day

International Table Top Game Day

April 29, 2018

If you didn’t know, Sat April 28th, 2018 was International Table Top Day!  Unless you’re like me you didn’t know people in Arizona didn’t know about this exciting day.  I have nothing against people from Arizona; I heard this from a person who lives there and never heard about Saturday.

So off to Reno and the Reno Collective to have fun.  If some of you don’t know what the Reno Collective is?  Well, let me tell you.  The Reno Collective is a shared workspace environment.  Also, in a cool building that has had a lot of past lives.  Now being used, as one example, to teach and host podcasts.  At one time it was a music studio were Eminem created some of his music.  Yep, went from rap music to tech.  Small world, right?

So, International Table Top Day, there were several games being played.  Also, in attendance the people from RAGECON.  I can’t say I know a lot about them, one of the RAGECON people brought crates, I mean CRATES of games for people to play, they held a raffle to give away games.  How can you go wrong when someone wants to give you a game?  I don’t think you can.  There will be a link to the RAGECON website included with this posting.  Click on the word RAGECON and you can find out all about the event.

So, playing old favorites like Settlers of Catan, to be official.  The game Knights and Cities of Catan.  The difference being you use pieces from Settlers and all the pieces from Knights and create a game that expands on the original.

You have cities, roads, knights, robbers, and barbarians all either protecting you or trying to knock your cities back into the dark ages or steal things from you.  The Robber steals resources; the Barbarians try to knock down cities, Knights protect the player both from the Robber and the Barbarians.  I admit this sounds complicated; it isn’t.  

There is also; Brick, Wood, Sheep, Ore, and Wheat.  You need these things to build new roads, settlements, cities, and knights.  There is also Coins, Paper, and Cloth which is the add on in the Knights pack.  If you have a city on a hex with wood, you also get paper, same goes with sheep and cloth, and ore and coins, again, it sounds complicated in the telling not in the doing.

There were first timers playing and old hands.  It is a game for up to 4 people, with and expansion box which would take it to six players.  There is trading of resources and commodities, working together to save the world from the plague of barbarians and trying to get to 13 Victory Points so you can declare yourself the Defender of Catan and the winner.  Yeah, I didn’t win.

I also played a round of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, which was also fun.  A one-shot adventure and with two brand new, never played before people at my table.  Great to see the game and the play through their eyes.  I am sure that this was the first adventure that comes with either the boxed set or is in the DM’s guide.  John, our DM, does a great job of setting up the scene and having patience with new players. 
Knowing you want to hear this my character was a Gnome Rogue.  I know, I know you will say something like “Well of course you did, you’re ThievesGuild. biz.”  Amusingly enough I haven’t played a lot of thieves/rogues in D&D.  I usually play an Elven Fighter/Mage.  Back when they had Fighter/Mages.  There is a multi-classing in 5th edition, it isn’t the same as in 1st and 2nd.  No reason to get into that debate of which is better.  So, we won’t, and all agree that 4th edition is a horrible mistake, not unlike Windows Millennium edition.  If you have NO idea what I’m talking about?  Be thankful.

I’m trying to recall the name of the other game I played, it was with marbles of different colors, you had to arrange them on a board, there were 6 cards and you had to follow the directions laid out by the cards.  Like yellow can’t touch white, black can’t be above blue, green had to touch blue, there could only be two black marbles total on your board.  The player received points for following directions.  This being a logic game, I lost.   The game held little interest for me, I had wanted to try something different to have that experience, yay me.

International Table Top Day 2018 was a success.  People played, talked, interacted, and had fun.  There was pizza, and it was delicious.  I believe it was from Wild Garlic, a local pizza place in Reno.

Here is hoping you to played games this weekend, read, got out of the house, had fun.  If you didn’t, try harder, if you did, good job.

It is time to read, write and thank a librarian.  I’m going to, you should too

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