Local 5E Homebrew Campaign notes.  1st Adventure  "After the Win"

Local 5E Homebrew Campaign notes. 1st Adventure "After the Win"

June 6, 2018

There are times not all the players from the game I run can make the session.  It’s nice to know what they missed, plus it will be a history for me I thought I’d jot down how I remember things occurred in the game.  This is not to say it is the absolute truth or anything.  There might be things removed that might be considered spoilers. 

The first session finding out the Band of Nine had defeated the dragon, Flametongue in its lair.  After the week-long celebration of the victory, along with the Band of Nine spending some loot taken from the lair, the people of Wheelboro were quite happy.  That happiness turned to annoyance then anger when they found out the dastardly people of River Run were sending a group to the dragon’s lair to lay claim to it and remove any of the treasure found.

This could not go unanswered, the treasure belonged to Wheelboro.  A group of brave and intrepid adventurers were soon chosen/forced into service.  Their mission to get to the lair first, claim it for the town of Wheelboro, and then inventory/collect any of the left-over treasures for the town.  They each would be permitted one item, tax free for their troubles.

Off into the Wilds they came across a burning wagon, the people foully murdered, all except one.  A young half-elven girl named Carol-ann.  She told the story how her family bushwhacked by a group of goblins, her father told her to hide and to not come out until he or her mother came for her.  The party soon found that the reason he had not come for her is that he had died valiantly defending the wagon from the horde of goblins.  Carol-Ann’s mother had been kidnapped by the goblins and being held for ransom.

Sadly, the goblins not long in the holding for kidnapping and ransom business and had not sent out a ransom note to anyone.  They were under the impression that gold would show up at some point and that they would let the prisoner go.  This became a bit more than they bargained for finding out they had to feed the prisoner, and that she was not accepting perfectly good goblin food.  She had been tied up and gagged as not to use any of her crafty and evil Elven tricks.

The party knew none of this, the little girl insisted they “find her mom.”  Not wanting to face the wrath of a girl under the age of 5, the group decided while on the way to the dragon’s lair they could see what they could do about finding the young girls missing parent.

The raiding and kidnapping goblins too this opportunity to attack the adventurers in pretty much the same way they had attacked the wagon.  Arrows rained down on the group from the goblins in the woods.  This being the groups first fight, a learning experience for all.  Arrows shot back might not have gone exactly where expected, sometimes a sword might not have cleaved into an evil foe as well as might be expected and a spell MIGHT have not done what was expected. 
The goblins were defeated, and their bodies and gear dealt with or split up among the survivors of the encounter.  Yes, at this point they all did survive.
Following the tracks, the goblins left, they followed them back to their lair.  Still not quite up to the craftiness of the goblins a hidden goblin scouting post gave them some worry until magic used and the post burnt to a crisp, the goblins inside dealt with.

Entering the cave complex, wolves were encountered.  One of the party using yet un-tested skills was able to charm one of the pack and made it his boon companion.  Sadly, a bit later the creature died.  Tears though were not shed either because the bond was not that strong, or the brave lad wasn’t that much into animal companions.

The goblins inside of their lair had set up a number of traps, fall back points, making it into a defensible space.  They were no match for the intrepid kidnap saviors.  The goblins were overcome, and the group rescued Carol-Ann’s mom.  With a promise of “As soon as we are done with this other thing, we will escort you home.”

Here is the end of the first adventure.

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