Further Exploits of the brave group Sunday June 17th

Further Exploits of the brave group Sunday June 17th

June 18, 2018

Those following the tales of the stalwart band of adventures.  New adventures have begun.  More to the point, they continued.  Without further ado or fanfare…
The party awoke, refreshed and full of vim and vigor ready to meet the adventure in store for them.

The first adventurer advanced, opened the door with no preliminary searches, walked in, and found that searching might not be a bad idea as they found themselves in a cargo net trap hoisted off the floor.  This wizard swayed back and forth contemplating the predicament.  The elf wizard, seeing this problem, cast Mage Hand and with a knife cut the imprisoned wizard down from the netting.  A small misstep being he did not cushion the fall for the wizard.

Another elven wizard curious about the ochre jelly defeated the day before, armed with a vial took samples.  Several the party, still curious about the room with the rope trap entered to see what treasures existed.  The elven warrior, examining the wall to the left of the opening, found the claw trap with no trouble at all.  She did this by tripping the trap and getting held in the claw against the wall.

Others thought to come to her rescue, could not pry her loose.  The paladin seeing the elf in trouble thought nothing of getting her war hammer and striking the mechanism after the rogue failed to disarm the claw to free the warrior.  A mighty blow crushed the mechanism and the elf warrior free.
Our yuan-ti Bard, and two companions had decided that the far wall needed exploration.  A secret door found and a second one.  These doors proved to be difficult to open.  One of the two proved to be a crossbow trap that the bard tripped and fire the bolt towards the other two.  Good fortune, the bolt missed, and no one harmed.

The elven warrior examined the back wall and three skeletons found.  Upon close examination?  The new skeletons gnawed on and or dipped into something that remove the flesh from the bodies.  The middle skeleton hid a Ley Line, which brought back memories to members of the party.  Not in a good way.

The paladin, curious, cast a spell to determine the nature of the magic on the wall, not being at the Elven Cemetery.  Her mind filled with vivid imagery she would not soon forget, which might have also been a portent to the next encounter and a near death experience.

Plates on the floor had been the triggers for some of these traps and a third trap plate found and pointed out to the others.  All were moving about the room looking for the secret doors they felt had to be in here.  The bard, wanting to assist the others, cast a spell and triggered the plate.  The room filled with electricity, the trap tripped, not without damage to some party members.

Unknown to himself or any of the other party members, a warrior of the group had secret ambitions to be a Mime.  Tripping a glyph, paralyzed, bringing his mime nature to light.  The elven wizard, able to scuff out the glyph to deactivate the magic.  In trying to erase the entire thing, the glyph re-activated, and our warrior mime once again created.  The glyph destroyed, and the Theatre of the Mime ended.

A secret door, with the bard, opened and a short passageway found.  Magic in this corridor, not unlike another, that made light difficult to see and impossible to create.  The passageway emptied into a large room, upon exploration by the Priest of Poseidon, an alarm sounded.  With that alarm the priest decided getting help, prudent.

The party gathered and entered the room to find gnolls, large beasts equipped with bows, swords and a vicious bit.  Melee ensued, things were not looking good for the party at first until the Priest of Poseidon called upon his god for help.  The boon came and 3 of the foul beasts killed by the thunderclap of power from Poseidon.
The elven wizard entered the fray.  A spell Burning Hands cast, the spell damaged the next line of gnolls.  The wizard had not considered his colleague, the paladin, damaged by the same spell, wounded.  This was the portent from the Ley Line, death.

The combat continued, the gnolls dispatched; the paladin healed.  A Decision made to return to the original room to complete one area before coming back here.  
A refuse room found, crossed, then a door opened to a kitchen area.  Inside an ogre was chopping up meat, human bodies, George!  The ogre demanded a badge, no one had one, the gnolls looted, no badges there.  A wild melee developed, the elven wizard of the ochre jelly vial knocked to the floor.  The valiant elven warrior severely bloodied before overcoming the ogre.

This room ransacked, a potion found, used by the warrior and healed.  The blow to the elven wizard’s head might have caused some here unknown issues as he ate portions of poor George.  All know eating of human flesh, or any flesh of a Free People is an evil act.

Deciding that they needed rest, to recoup lost spells and to gain healing from their wounds the party is now resting.

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