D&D How we met an ogre we didn't like in a dwarven tomb and lived to tell about it.  Plus a little Wheelboro history.

D&D How we met an ogre we didn't like in a dwarven tomb and lived to tell about it. Plus a little Wheelboro history.

July 2, 2018

The hardy band of adventurers continue, my three slaves continued their quest to determine what should they be doing, they were somewhat successful.
Having taken the time to re-provision, sell unwanted merchandise, and have a few things created for their endeavors this group made ready to fight evil.  Real and imagined.  Not realizing that they brought evil with them.  Something will show this later.

Their latest quest to find out about misdeeds at a quarry.  A dwarven tomb took their notice even as some wanted to pass it by.  The “Shiny” contingent won out and brought the group with them with the thrill of exploration or for the hope of treasure.

Off the beaten path the group spied a temple or tomb, unclear which it was.  The tomb, the final resting place for Dwalin the Giving, a dwarf of no small renown.  The doors had been open, torn open, unknown by whom or why.

Our stalwart group entered with the Bard being first to foray into the outer chamber.  Exploration found a carpet with a great axe woven as the symbol, two chests one that gave off a magical hint, the carpet itself showed with magic and the four 3’ tall candlestick holders.  There was also a door that leads further into the tomb/temple.

Examining the candle holders, placing a taper into three, a magical residue still on them and the Bard’s hands glowed.  A spell cast, duration also lengthened.  When the door touched, by the newest member of the troop, a Barbarian, the carpet,  a trap, and the other newest member, a cleric, snared.  Shooting the cleric into the air and the carpet acting as a net to surround him.

The Ranger and others tried to cut the Cleric down, throwing hand axes, shooting arrows, finally, they threw the Rogue up into the air for a safe landing on the carpet trap, cut out a piece of the carpet, the cleric landed on the ground.  20’ up, it wasn’t the safest of landings.

Now, the Barbarian saw that there was an unopened chest in the room, it called to him.  Smashing the lock had consequences.  The lit tapers the Bard provided were also a defensive measure.  With the smash, it created small fireballs wounding portions of the party.  The Barbarian though could retrieve a chalice, a magical one.  Treasure has many faces, this one cursed, once grasped the chalice glued to the Barbarian’s hand.

The stalwart band continued, opening the doors straight ahead they came to a set of steps leading down, then into a temple area.  A large standing table, doors straight ahead and to the left, more candle holders and chairs.

The area/altar had book stands and recesses resembling a place to put a gem.  Perhaps to illuminate for reading?  The bookstands remained untouched for now.  The doors straight ahead opened revealing a corridor that had recessed alcoves, within?  Each of the four had a gas set lit with passage by giving more light.

The next set of doors revealed an open pit, strange carvings on the floor, more gas lit illumination.  The Mage had begun an investigation into this.  He is an elf, part of the Brotherhood of the Dragon, and able to read dwarf.  This came to a halt when the half-elf at the back of the group, one of those that did not want to enter, noted trouble.

Unknown to the party, especially the Ranger, there had been a price placed on his head for his murder of Lareth, the leader of the company sent by the Witches to set the stage for a Witch uprising.  Someone had placed a lot of hope in Lareth, with his demise, plans had to restart.  Annoying the Witches.  One thing the Witches have is coin, they spent it on a murder contract.

Three Ogres, known as “The Clubs,” took the contract and followed the group.  With the band entering the tomb/temple the Club reasoned no escape possible.  The Club entered, the Half-Elf took notice and fired upon the ogres.  Ogres, not wanting a needless fight called out for the band to turn over the Ranger and the rest would be unhurt.

The group deciding, after a few moments of discussion, decided not to do that.  A fight ensued.  Things did not go well for the group in the beginning, one of their numbers pierced by 3 javelins.  At first, it looked like the Half-Elf would be on his own, the fallen/pierced comrade reducing his shield wall to a shield brick, the Half-Elf was in mortal danger.

The Bard attempted many spells, her magic was of no use against the strength of the clubs and her attempts did no harm to the ogres.  The brave companion ignored her music, the music trying to give courage.  Far too many times the Half-Elf ignored the Bard, ignoring now a habit.

The group hearing the cries and sounds of battle turned to assist.  Soon different members knocked out, bleeding, even as an ogre too perished.
The Rogue took the most interesting of tact’s.  Deceptions and intimidation.  Approving of both, he is a fine member of the Brotherhood of the Dragon.  Calling out to the ogres, lying to them how they would die, to stop, that they would be powerless, all great ideas.  The ogres though did not understand much of the common tongue and most of the words went unheeded.  The Rogue though gets style points!

Through this the Mage had attempted spells that did little to assist the party, recalled something at the last room entered.  He rushed back, find the correct runes, and called out that the Tomb of Dwalin was being desecrated by Ogres!  Dwalin, or his avatar responded and appeared.  Assessing the situation, the being rang down the passage and took the ogres on himself.

It took a little work for him to dispatch the ogres.  The brought evil is next.  Dwalin’s Avatar noted that the Bard had an evil glow about her.  Not permitting that in HIS tomb he gave the Bard a choice.  Give up your evil ways or die.  The Bard enjoyed breathing, made the choice to give up evil.  If this continues only time will tell.

Dwalin left, leaving behind his Hammers, gauntlets, and boots.  These hammers, Faith and Destiny, in the hands of a True Hero, work as Dwarven Throwers, hurled and will reappear in the warrior’s hands.  Found gauntlets, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, working in tandem with the hammers will kill an ogre when hurled, and they hit an ogre.  Metal boots, these were Boots of Stringing and Striding.  Not knowing what to do with them all, tossed all down into the pit of the room the mage had been in.

The party healed, is now resting, and awaiting the new day.  Ken, a stalwart elven fighter, is hurrying to rejoin the group.  Knowing his sword is needed.

As always there is no guarantee of 100% truthfulness in this article as it is how I tell the story, all Hail the Brotherhood of Dragon’s Master!


Wheelboro is a town of 5000 people.  It is the capital of Duke Loren, a high elf Fighter/Mage.  His story deeply rooted in the history of the town.
Loren was part of the Restorationists, those individuals that worked to put the ruling family back on the throne of Silverton.  Known by the residents of Wheelboro that their duke is god-touched, they do not accept this outside the duchy.  Silverton has accepted the Church of Pure and White Light as the religion of the state.  It would be impossible for someone not of that faith, touched by a divine being.

Back to Wheelboro and the 5000 residents.
The largest business in town is the Overland Freight Company.  This is a transportation company that has headquarters in the capital of Silverton, Silverton, the country and the capital city share the same name.  Wheelboro because it is on the border of Silverton and other countries and Meerdale, a city-state ruled by another Restorationist, the Illusionist Morgana.

The Overland Freight Company is where you go when you want to move supplies from one point to another and trade in gems or coins for a larger or smaller size.  They act as both bank and transport.  They are also a large employer having to deal with horses, wagons, storage, security, and the items that go along with all of that.

Next largest is The Emporium.  This shop is the size of 5 regular shops within the confines of Wheelboro.  They stock items that families, businesses, and adventurers all need.  If they don’t have it in stock, they can get it.  They also employ many people in town.

The Wheelboro Swords is the standing militia for the town and the next biggest employer.  Much of their duty is keeping the peace within the town proper, acting as a police force.  The duke expects every able-bodied person between the ages of 15-55 to be ready to defend the town and provide their own bow, sword, and shield.  Duke Loren provides armor.

The Under-Mountain Mining Company is the next largest employer.  This is a much scaled down operation from what it used to be as the ore is getting tapped out.  There is talk of an expansion to find ‘Sweeter’ output.  We all know what happens when people dig deeper into the mountains, don’t we?  This is a 60 percent dwarven operation.

Farming is the next largest employer.  The duke having the largest farms in the area.  Farms worked by freemen or by those working off a debt or non-felony related charges.  Farms include: produce, grains, cattle, sheep, 3 dairies and a winery.

There is only one (legal) Guild in Wheelboro, the guilds supported the old regime they do not look with favor upon the duke or his endeavors.  The guild in Wheelboro is the Courier’s Guild.  This guild provides quick and reliable messaging services for those that do not want or trust magic.  The Courier’s hired as scouts and heralds when the need arises.

Craftsmen do well in Wheelboro.  Swordsmiths, armorers, blacksmiths stand out and there are at the least 3 of each in the town.  There are lesser craftsmen as well; Tanners, coopers, carpenters, builders, weavers in attendance.  If there is a coin, someone in town will earn it.

There is the/a Thieves Guild in Wheelboro too.  Not for the reasons you might suspect.  The guild has a good relationship with the duke.  Guild polices itself and makes sure that none of the inhabitants of Wheelboro harmed or robbed.  An extra layer of protection.  The guild in Wheelboro is a place to start a plan for work in the surrounding countryside.  The duke does not endorse this, neither does he hinder or police the guild’s activities.

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