Kobolds, the little dickens that they are, oh and Kurtulmak

Kobolds, the little dickens that they are, oh and Kurtulmak

July 9, 2018

Before we get started on this week’s review of last weeks game?  I’d like to start off with a thank you.

To everyone that came.  We had if not 20 people at two tables?  We were darn close to that.  Ben did an exemplary job of stepping up to the plate and I would be remiss if I did not say Thank You, Ben.

To the players at both tables.  I realize we all come to have fun.  Takes a while for everyone to get their “Turn” in the “Round” (cough).  I appreciate your indulgence and we will see how to spread things out.  It is a HUGE help to all the DMs if you sign up for the game on Meetup, we know what to expect.  Thank you again.  All right, moving along.

I requested that a specific player remind me about including links into previous posts, so people could find what happened in other weeks.  He forgot, so his character must die.  Sorry! (I might kid, I will go back and add those links in be right back.)  OK Technical Difficulties will investigate this and I don’t want to hold up this review.

The oh so brave adventurers left the Tomb of Dwalin and journeyed on.  They soon came to a half-elf and a barbarian arguing over the length of a spear.  The pair joined our intrepid band and soon moved on.

Our group first met a man, a merchant waylaid by, you guessed it, kobolds.  Wounded, the Priest of Poseidon soon took charge and tried to charge the woeful man for succor.  This merchant, ransacked and robbed, had no coin.  Priest of Poseidon moved on.  Goblet Barbarian came next, used the magic of the goblet, healed the man, his arrow removed.

The merchant overcome with joy and gratitude offered in the way of compensation the only thing he still had of value, his daughter.  Goblet Barbarian, overcome with some thought or another did not decline the offer of matrimony, what will come of this will have to be seen.  It was also learned the daughter is a baker, so bread baking should not be an issue.  The Goblet Barbarian’s only question was if the woman was strong and healthy.  The merchant assured him she was, healthy.  What happens next is anyone’s guess.

The path ahead, scouted by the Ranger and the Scout soon found a deadfall in front.  They checked with the group, the area, looking for obvious bandits that would use the trees as a place to spring a trap, the pair held a conference.

One of the newest members of the group, the Goliath, knew talk cheap, someone needed action.
Goliath sprang into action, leaped over the deadfall and fell into a pit that had been dug into the road, filled with six spikes.  He found two, one in each foot.  These spikes coated with some poison and he reacted to the poison and passed out.

These kobolds used the trap to attack the party.  Their leader would seem to be the same kobold from previous times.  Almost like he has a vendetta against the party?  Our party pelted with arrows and spells fight off the attack.  The party fought off the effects of the spells and drove off the interlopers.

Goliath Barbarian, stuck in the pit, pulled himself out.  No mean feat with his feet pierced.  He tries to only walk on his toes, still difficult with the piercings.  The Goliath healed, the spikes removed, once again ready for action.

Note the other Barbarian, Goblet Barbarian, not a Goliath, and the Goliath had words.  They try to out Barbarian the other.  The Goliath had the obvious height and width to be a good barbarian.  The other?  He had a goblet stuck to his hand, ready to drink; ale, mead, beer, whatever was available.

With the group moving on they came to a group of Kobolds that were practicing an ancient rite to call upon their god, Kurtulmak.  A group of 3 were at the pentagram completing the ritual of eating.  Three captives, villagers taken in the dark of the night after the moon set, tied up in one building in the deserted hamlet.

The lead priest, dressed in cast-off clothing of a waiter, chef, and smith danced about the pentagram intoning the words that would make the food ready.  Another group of nine, standing at the Circle of Power, intoned the ritual to make sure that Kurtulmak did not eat them.  Gods will be gods after all.

The pentagram and circle of power both laid on a Ley Line.  This powerful phenonium made the two items powerful in ways that the kobolds did not understand.  The two created sources became burned into the fabric of reality, which gave them even more power. This unknown to the party when the Rogue decimated one kobold at the pentagram with a magical arrow.

The kobold died from the unacceptable damage received.  This brought the immediate attention of Kurtulmak to the area, investigating, the god did not appreciate one of his worshippers killed without at least the death a sacrifice to him and then promptly eaten.

An avatar sent to investigate, the avatar decided that killing off the party would be the right thing to do.

The party, unaware of the severity of the Rogue’s action only saw that the kobold had died, and a god showed up to show his displeasure by killing them all.  The Goliath Barbarian summed it up best.  “I don’t think I should be here, I’m not experienced yet in god killing, yet.” (Words paraphrased).

The others, taking the situation in stride fell about trying to battle with the kobolds and Kurtulmak.  Fortunately for the party, they had aces up their sleeves, The Dragon Jewel, The Dragon Brotherhood, and Flametongue.

The Dragon Jewel and Flametongue sensed the power of the Ley Line and had started to feed.  Dragon Jewel had its own plans and the Ley Line fell into place well.  Elven Mage, after reflection, threw the jewel to the Ranger, who made a beeline for the Ley Line to feed Flametongue and the Dragon Jewel.

Both now fed, Flametongue, using the Dragon Jewel, readied for battle.  Magic, flame, claw, tooth and wily strategies and tactics tossed about like raindrops in a thunderstorm.  The activity, too much to follow with the naked eye, concluded when Flametongue could use his flame to sever the tie to the Prime Material that kept Kurtulmak’s avatar in place.  The godling forced back to his native world, curses tossed at both Flametongue, the Dragon Brotherhood, and the rest of the party like sands on a beach.  What retribution waits for the party is unknown.

The Bard ran after the kobolds at the pentagram.  Along with this the arch nemesis kobold also in attendance.  A second kobold, slain seeing the avatar of its god destroyed it had no will to live. The third kobold knocked unconscious, laid still.  Bard, thinking to question the creature did not plan things well out.  The creature healed enough to stand ran for it, the creature wily.  Bard, no plan in place, forgot about security issues and to tie up the kobold.  Said kobold, cursed with the fleet-footedness of their race and their wily nature, escaped.  Words uttered with a promise to prepare for the next time.  Perhaps the curses had already taken effect.

Side note:  Technical Difficulties handled.  Previous posts linked in July 2nd post with the Ogre.

Sheldar, Paladin, Tortle, decided she could not do much against a god, investigated a more intact building.  Inside she found 3 people, tied up, at death’s door.  Without thinking she untied them.  These prisoners, the kobolds not kind jailors, had the poor people in a state of terror.  They moved and attacked the Paladin even though she had rescued them.  Knocked unconscious by the tremendous strength of the father character she could do no more.

The Rogue who had started all of this went to the building next.  He had seen the paladin enter, thought to do well, followed in.  The three prisoners attacked him.  The child tangling the rogue’s legs, the parents trying to scratch his eyes out.  A melee ensued.  The Goblet Barbarian involved now, forced to knock the child unconscious.  The parents inadvertently slain by the party.  No fault of the party.  The prisoners were out of their minds in fear, what will happen though to the child…

The brave Priest of Poseidon, noting he too was out of his depth, searched the other vacant buildings found here.  Locating lamp oil, hay, linen, his god must influence him about some mercantile adventure.  When the haybales searched, the proverbial needle found, he considered Poseidon aware.  Even though earlier his prayer unanswered.  Note that after the Rogue slew the first kobold, the Priest of Poseidon tried to placate the angry god of the kobolds, his prayer and apology went nowhere.

Ranger and the other new party member, the half-elf both did their best to prepare to do something, not a thing presented themselves until the Ranger did his dash.  Half-elf was ready and waited.

Elven Mage knew he had to do something about the nine Kobolds in the Circle of Power, he braved the Ley Line, stepped into the magical flow and cast a horror of a spell, Shatter on the Kobolds.  They both being in the power of the Ley Line, the Circle gave little protection as it would against things that entered it from outside the Ley Line.  The spell, multiplied by the Ethereal Flow, crushed the kobolds to death.  The Elven Mage felt vindicated for his fellow Dragon Brother, the Rogue who had started this epic encounter.

Next, we come to the two Barbarians.  The Goliath entered the Ley Line field with no knowledge of what to expect.  No doubt it would have made any difference to the man.  The Ley Lines affected him, he saw the Goblet Barbarian, who too entered, as a dreaded foe.  Skeletons, zombies, bears, fish, were all seen.  The two mighty thewed Barbarians heaved and attacked one another.  Each caught in their own nightmare.

Strike after strike, damage taken, damage given.  They both found the other their equal, heavy breathing, blood flowing, it was almost all too much to bare.  When each pulled from the Magical Flow they both wondered where their enemies had gone, even the spliced fishes.
With the Avatar dealt with, the Dragon Jewel and Flametongue healed by the power of the spell of the Ranger, multiplied by the Ley Line, the Dragon rested.  Others made use of the goblet of the Goblet Barbarian. 

The group rested here, ready to make their way into the wilds, the Quarry, and whatever mystery that holds still on the horizon.  Until next week…

Roleplay from July 1st  Ogre Fun: https://www.thievesguild.biz/website/writers/1/posts/78

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