My Appreciation for NaNoWriMo

My Appreciation for NaNoWriMo

August 30, 2016

So I could have named this post any number of things but I decided that I wanted to be positive.  I have no idea why, I mean I am not the cup is half full or even half empty I am more of smash the damn thing and get a bottle of Diet Pepsi out of the fridge or off the shelf if I forgot to put on in the fridge.  I know you thought I was going to say scotch didn’t you?  Well HA!

What I could have called this was ‘My appreciation for NaNoWriMo and why I don’t do CampNaNoWri.  Well I will tell you it all comes down to badges.  Yes, I like or want or in some weird way I need them stinkin badges.  So to be clear the quote comes from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humphrey Bogart First link of the day:  There might be a small ad that you can skip after a couple of seconds.  It is again used in the film “Blazing Saddles” which is a great film too just not in the same way:

So anyway back to the story, ha! I have entered into the NaNoWriMo twice now and have been successful in creating a story, not sure that they have been novels, novellas perhaps?  But needless to say I have completed TWO.  I even printed out one of the award PDFs and it is displayed prominently and joyfully on the wall above my laptop as a constant reminder of ‘Yes you can do this, you idiot you’ There are times when my Muse is not all that kind in her cheerleading.  
Oh right, what is NaNoWriMo, duh.  It is and stands for National Novel Writing Month and  See a link It is held in November, probably somewhere near to where YOU are and it is a great way to get support, a schedule, cheerleaders, advice, neat stuff for doing what you love to do, want to do, should be doing and come up with a 1000 and 1 excuses why you can’t or won’t but they are all pretty lame.  The first year I did it I discovered that there were BADGES.  You get a badge for showing up, filling out a form, donating.  A word here, NaNoWri is a donation based service and they need money to keep the servers going, employ people but there are times I feel that they are a bit over the top in their fund raising.  That is not to suggest that I don’t donate, I do, and you know why?  Yep there is a badge for that.  Them people know me. 

Yes, now where was I, oh yes badges.  So there are writing badges too of course.  Title of your story, 5000 words, 10000 words, you get the picture.  Every time you reach a goal a badge appears on your profile page it is like MAGIC.  I found that I liked collecting all the badges, yes I’m silly. 
There is in April CampNaNoWri  As you can guess this is an online writing camp.  Based on the thought that you are in cabins, like summer camp, and you have each other for support.  I should be clear there are regions, towns, areas in NaNoWri that also are there for support but the cabin idea is all CampNaNoWri thing.  BUT, there are no badges.  I would think there would be badges, my one time at summer camp we could earn badges not unlike for the Scouts.  Fire building, archery, basket weaving, first aid, etc.  I am sure you get the picture.  But without the badges I found that it did not hold my interest.  Silly huh?  
Don’t get me wrong I am sure the Camp idea is good for some people it is simply not my cup of Joe is all.  
I can’t speak for CampNaNoWri but when you complete your story at NaNoWriMo there is also a little video congratulating you.  That too is nice because as YOU already know we writers usually write in groups of one.  Having a bunch of people cheer about your accomplishment, act zany, excited for something YOU did is also a nice pat on the back.  At NaNoWriMo there are also little giveaways from sponsors that if you like that sort of thing is kind of cool too. 
Now get off the Internet and Write! 

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