Tomb Raiders, with a pardon to Lara Croft.  Or how the Not so Stalwart Band did this past week

Tomb Raiders, with a pardon to Lara Croft. Or how the Not so Stalwart Band did this past week

July 16, 2018

A little preamble?  This was the first week I used foam board as the map and I loved it, the players liked it or pretended too.  I liked how it kept the map “secret” until something happened.  Now looking into different ways to make this a simple process.  Not sure if simple and this are in the same ballpark or dungeon.  Now, for this week’s progress report!  I will include a link to Twitter, so all can view the Battle Map!

The Less Than Stalwart Band of Happy Adventurers and Sometimes Tomb Robbers are closer to arriving at the Quarry.  The group, sidetracked by the Dragon Brotherhood, stopped at the Elven Memorial to search for a book.  Outside the memorial were Blights.  A group of Needle Blights, a Vine Blight, and four Twig Blights.  The Blights provided discomfort for the group, the Elven Mage overcame them.

The party searched a set of elven statues, their purpose still unknown.  Rogue found a trap at the front door, unsure though what to make at first, he searched and found that it was a boulder trap.  When the door opened, a boulder fell and crushed anyone at the doorway.  Trap exposed, the boulder fell blocking the entrance.
Barbarian, having mighty thews, used his back and legs to push the boulder out of the way after digging a trench to assist the movement.  Bard, being the only one to pack a shovel, provided the needed tool.

The door trap beaten, the Ranger entered.  They encountered an easy to find pit trap.  Moving the light wood away, the Ranger was ready to jump over the trap.  He tripped and fell on one of the two spikes.  The Mage was next, he too tripped and fell atop the Ranger.  When the third member of the party also fell into this simple trap, the Half-Elven Scout had enough.  He went into the woods, a stout log bought, placed over the pit, others now cross without a fear of a poor leap.  A grapple and hook lowered provided an escape to those trapped in the pit.

While they were in the pit, the Ranger found a backpack and a suit of armor.  The mage, a sword, the Bard, the other to fall into the pit, a shield that had been part of the booty found on a skeleton that had found the pit many years ago.

Two wooden doors, not trapped, were the next target for the group.  The doors opened, and a passage revealed.  A place where headbands stored, magical gave an audio tour of the crypt of Thingol Everspear, King.  Pleasant music, a pleasant voice, greeted the wearer and gave a small history of the tomb.  Also, past the headbands were three doors, straight, left and right.

The door to the right emptied into the Memorial Hall, names of the fallen elven warriors perishing in the Civil War listed on the walls.  Some names blotted out, perhaps by victors or losers not with a desire to see a hero or villain listed.  The next door in this room leads to the Tomb of Elon the Green General.

Someone trapped this door, for no reason anyone could find.  The door’s handle cold to the point of a death chill.  Our Rogue, to find traps, found himself trapped to the door, frozen.  The goblet wielding Barbarian used the goblet and water and strength to free him.  Rogue found himself with some injured hands that the Barbarian assisted in their healing.

The Mage and another searched the Library found through the straight-ahead door.  The Mage stuck it out and found the desired book.  It is a “Book of Illusions,” from a bygone age.  A book like this not simple to put down. There were books also on the history of the Civil War and a book on The SOCIOLOGY of how it affected the survivors.  (Sociology was the word I could not think of with the description.)

A door to the left?  A Hall of reflection.  Statuary showing an Elf attacking a Female Elf protecting a child.  An inscription reads “Remember the Cost.”  Perhaps the reason for the civil war?  Also found an Owlbear and three of its young.  Barbarian rushes, striking the Owlbear, though taking unacceptable damage, falling to his knees in need of help. The party springs into action, arrows fly, sometimes almost hitting a party member, swords, axes are in full swing.  The party damaged, not decimated overcome the Mother Owlbear and her young, killing them all.

A door from this room leads to the tomb of the Brown General, Vestivus.  His tomb is empty, the lid broken, nothing but benches here.  What happened to the contents of this sarcophagus?

During this, the Half-Elven Scout knew something was missing, there had to be something more.  Searches, Searches.  The Rogue, a deep desire to assist, searched and found the secret door that the Half-Elf knew had to be here.  The party trying to overcome the door, could not until the Ranger, at last, made the successful search to open that devilish door.

Inside this room is the final resting place of King Thingol Everspear.  Words inscribed on his sarcophagus read “He who disturbs a king shall suffer a king’s wrath.”  Now, even our Tomb Robbers are not willing to go up and against a curse.  They leave the room and the tomb without touching a thing.

The party returns all the headbands, the Half-Elf goes so far to toss the backpack into the pit it came from.  A good thing as the backpack was a mimic the attempt that night would be to kill all while they slept.  An offering 5 coins, a part of the mechanism of the Tomb to defray costs.  No one has been to the tomb to collect the coins in a long time…

The Less than Stalwart Band moved on.  The Quarry is next.  Our Less Than Stalwart Band of Happy Adventurers and Sometimes Tomb Robbers include Elven Mage, Elven Ranger, and a Human Rogue, known as the Dragon Brotherhood and sometimes The Brotherhood of the Dragon.  A Barbarian, Yuan-ti Bard, a Half-Elf Scout/Warrior.  There are others, these are the brave ones this week.

The previous week's roleplay can be found here:  Kobolds, love them

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