The latest Mis-adventures of  “A Group That Stumbles Around in the Dark with a Light Spell Cast on a Burning Torch."  And some thought Intrepid Band was being used too much

The latest Mis-adventures of “A Group That Stumbles Around in the Dark with a Light Spell Cast on a Burning Torch." And some thought Intrepid Band was being used too much

July 23, 2018

The latest update from some that do not want it known as The Intrepid Band, so someone will call them “A Group That Stumbles Around in the Dark with a Light Spell Cast on a Burning Torch” group.

The first admission is I was not paying all that close attention to the goings-on this past week.  There is a book that needed studying and my attention riveted to the contents.  The endeavor, though, will try to not leave out too many details.

One side note.  At no time did one barbarian pick up a pile of scat in his left hand, smear it into both hands, try to grip his battle-axe and then find it too slippery to wield well.  He also did not wash it off by using his waterskin in some odd juggling maneuver where his scat covered hands would touch the mouthpiece of the waterskin.  Nope, none of that happened at all.

Since this did not happen?  No one should think of the Laura Dern character in the movie Jurassic Park when she fondled the dinosaur scat.  I mean since it didn’t happen?  Not visualizing that in the least.  On to the recap!

The Sometimes-Brave Group made it to the Quarry.  With some minimal scouting, they found the entrance to the quarry/caverns/cave.  Immediately they noted that cast-off materials from the mine and quarry itself.  Broken tools, equipment, and yes even scat in evidence.  A short time later they entered the dark caverns.  This made sense as it is after twilight outside and just as dark inside the cavern as outside.

A series of small battles took place.  First goblin wardens in the front of the cavern attacked and overcome.  Two human guards next, having heard the slight commotion occurring a breath inside the cavern itself.  A note an echo effect, created in this section, to give a better warning of interlopers, if such creatures attempted egress into the caverns.  The sound of battle carries deep into this complex.

Two more human guards, on station above the entrance, heard the sound of battle and investigated.  The Brave Ranger, his tutor the Almost as Brave Half-Elf dealt with this, with help from one of the elven mages.  Help being a spell that almost killed the Brave Half-Elf and the two human guards.

After the liberal use of loud spells, Shatter and Thunder Wave people would be hard pressed to think this group was using any stealth.  Sounds in this area reverberated.  This showed by the number of guards that would come in waves of attacks.  The Not so Brave Party might have issues later with the noise they have created in their spell use.
Worgs also on the agenda, those vile and evil wolves that are companions and steeds to goblins also sent to investigate.  Again, the spellcasters and warriors made short work of this evil.  Wounds were given, unlike other encounters no one died, yet.

A second half-elf took considerable damage and fell victim to his wounds.  One of the worgs thought him a tasty snack, the worg lead off by another of the party, giving the half-elf bard enough time to recover and re-enter the fray.  Healed and continued to be a ready vict… a stalwart companion.

Another wave of 2 human guards coming from the right-hand tunnel, 6 humans, 6 goblins coming from the right, things not in the group's favor.  Little did the guards know of the spell Shatter, that one spell took out half the goblins, liberal use of a bow by the Ranger and the Rogue took down the humans.  The two Barbarians no slouches as they slew human guards.  Soon, the only sounds the echoes of the spells used and the heavy breathing of the warriors.

There was a discussion at this point on the splitting of loot.  An important decision Evil does not pay well as it once did, Good pays a little less but has a better health care package.  Noted that Evil will let you die and raise you as a zombie to continue the war.

The decision made by most to split coins and gems.  No magic items found, a later discussion.  Armor, swords, shields were being taken by any that needed them, the rest left on the dead bodies.  That didn’t seem to be a poor decision, no one ever walks by as a part of the rounds to spy out things amiss.  No!

The decision to take the right-hand fork agreed.  Guards on that side had silver, gold, and some gems to loot.  Defenders on the left-hand side had nothing, almost as if they had been working and had not taken money with them?  A platform found built into the ground with a rope going down into the hole.  Wielder of Rage Squirt went first down into the pit, the Elven mage and the others soon followed.

The party progressed, they came upon goblins doing mining in the dark.  Goblins had stopped their efforts and were waiting for further instructions after the noises from above.  They tried to waylay one of the group, they were not up to the task.  Within moments there were four dead goblin miners.  No loot found on the bodies.

Small digging sections were on the left-hand side, after some quick checks the group moved on.  All is except the other barbarian.  He saw the glint of gold on the ground.  With no thought of his own safety, on the promise of gold he wanted to share with his friends, he entered this portion of the digging site.  Seeing the glint of that precious metal, reached, to claim his prize.

Little did he know this was a trap.  Grat, tired of being bullied by Winsel had created this trap to punish Winsel for always taking his lunch.  A short pit was dug, the bottom covered by the flimsiest of coverings.  When Winsel would reach for the gold, step on the space, he would fall to his fate.  Into the rushing waters below.  Grat did not understand he would capture a much bigger prize, the Barbarian.

Fortune smile on the Barbarian, able to lift himself out of the trap, life a good thing.  The coin lost to the treacherous waters below.  Barbarian never found out it was a fake coin, polished and painted to look like gold when it was a copper.

Our two scouts, at the back of the party, conversed.  Ranger smeared himself with lichen, so he would glow in the dark.  To alert the party it was he and not some nefarious goblin.  The other also hung back to assist his student in his endeavors.

The brave elven mage traversed further down the corridor, took a turn and found pink glowing phosphorous mold?  Substance?  He did not travel further not wanting to leave his comrades behind.

The comely Yuan-ti Bard (her words, I mean if you like your women snakey?  Sure!) moved forward with a purpose, entered the Goblin Barracks, without a by your leave, attacked by the guard on duty.  Rage Squirt Wielder quick to come to her defense attacked.  Between the two, the guard was slain.

Little did they know the guard on duty was also “The Mother of Goblins”, the mother to this band of 12 other goblins.  Enraged, they fell about the party in a vicious anger.  They were no match for the group, sadly, and the goblins perished.

(The action is frozen at this point)
Will the party survive?  Gather loot?  Why are they here?  Is there something nefarious going on in the mines?  Why are there so many goblins?  Will these questions find answers?

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