Dungeon Delving

Dungeon Delving

July 30, 2018

This past week had me napping for a large amount of the doings of the Dungeon Delvers.  It would be impossible for me to state how amusing I found their treks through the mine.  It is hard to find examples of how things aren’t amusing when you have a Bard shooting the other Bard in the back?  Yes, that happened last week.  To move on to this last week’s adventure, similar things take place.

As always, this is a reminder of what occurred, not an affidavit of the group's actual progress or lack thereof.

You might recall that the group stopped after the Battle of the Mother of Goblins.  The group patted down the slain, finding not a lot and combed the area.  At the same time, Ahgi-an and the Ranger were behind the party to make sure that no one snuck up on them.  They did such a good job they failed to notice the Elven Mage that had been hiding at the rear of the party.

Ahgi-an then started, after recovering from his heart attack at the surprise find of the Elven Mage set small early warning sign devices, not traps as they did no damage, the creation meant to make a noise as an early warning system.

Meanwhile, the group had been discussing (arguing) about the treasure from the goblins and the dispersal.  Items found to magical such as a red cap from the Mother of Goblins which “Berjaw” proudly wore and then forgot about.  He is still wearing it.

Harold given the magical short sword from the Mother of Goblins, there was talk of it having INCREDIBLE powers, this seems to be more wishful thinking than anything else.

The medallion which had goblin scribblings on it, worn, and once placed around the neck of the person, they overtime seemed to gather a slight goblin appearance.  The wearer the Goliath, Bearjaw, did not remove the pendant more than likely forgotten about.

Ahgi-an (It is hard not to type Ahi, and to call the character a sushi roll) did not have time for the bickering back and forth, found a small stone and tossed it at the group in the Goblin Barracks.  Harold, unaware that the stone had come from the scout, felt this was an important portent, picked up the rock, examined it, saw it could be a cornerstone to a castle.  Somehow?  He pocketed the stone for later use a thought it could be important later.

Ogres, the sounds of battle with the goblins, sent to investigate, found much to their surprise the Ranger and Ahgi-an.  A battle soon ensued, Ahgi-an did not fare well against the duo and wounded.  The Ranger ran away from the fight, later found that he did less running and more strategic planning to fire his bow.  His ability with the bow as a hunter did serious damage to the Ogre. 

The rest of the party attacked the second ogre.  With luck and being a multitude of party members, they overcame this ogre.  A quick investigation of the ogres found that one carried a pendant that had a pyramid and an all-seeing eye.  What did this foreshadow?

Now, also investigating the noise a Kobold Pack Leader.  He, leading a pack of Dire Wolves also sent in to investigate.  A raging battle ensued.   Adrian cast a web spell which hindered the attackers.  Things were not in the favor of the Dungeon Delvers.  Many unable or had not the will to battle.  Things needed a push.  Adrian, gifted with the Fury of the Dragon, attacked with enhanced strength and endurance overcame the Dire Wolves, the Kobold Pack Leader, saw the way of it and beat a hasty retreat.  He will return later the Dungeon Delvers are sure.

After a discussion a long rest decided, the party slept.  Before taking his rest, Harold piled up bodies at one end of the room to block egress.  He added his important Castle Stone into the barricade.  Restored with spells and vigor, and ready to continue.  Noted that the Ranger and Ahgi-an rested outside the Goblin Barracks.  Ahgi-an created more early warning devices.

During the Long Rest noises within the mine found the noises to be rats looking to feed on the dead that the party had been leaving in their wake.  The Ranger had also, being too quick with his movements, during the battle with the Ogres had dropped his shield to the ground.  This sets off a reverberating sound throughout the mine itself.  Between the loud spells; Shockwave and Thunderclap, there were few that did not know something was up within the mine.  The shield clatter confirmed this for the other denizens that made their homes here.

The group, at last, got on its way.  Bearjaw decided it was high time to investigate the glowing pink phosphorescence, it proved to be a garbage/trash area.  A body spied, upon investigation, it infested with Rot Grub attacked him.  His speedy attention of mashing his mighty hands together killed a few.  It took the party though to assist him to have the threat neutralized.  Rage Squirt, the mighty goblet of Harold and burning his hand in the Goblin Barracks fire, for now, seems to have done the trick.

Our group arrived at a T section, both looked somewhat interesting.  A decision made to split the party up was the wisest decision.  (???)  The Ranger and Ahgi-an went to the right, the others to the left.  Ahgi-an quickly overcome by the 6 bugbears at the end of the hall sent to investigate the noises heard.  The Ranger tried to fight them off, the battle was still ongoing, Ahgi-an healed via a spell used his time to prepare his next move with the bugbears all around him.

Something confused Bearjaw about where he wanted to go, the one group needed his leadership, the Ranger and Ahgi-an might need his battle-axe.  Deciding that leadership the more important he strode the hall.  Unknown to him, a villainous use of magic was ready for him.  Someone cast a spell, he failed to fight off the effects.  It charmed him into thinking his best friend in the world?  In need of help from everyone.

This group including; Bearjaw, Harold, Myrna the Bard, Roshanna the Yuan-ti Bard, Adrian, another Elven mage, the mighty Rogue were ready to battle.  The party assessed that they were fighting zombies and ghouls, the evil undead.  What else were the shadows going to reveal?  They will find out next week… if they live…

Myrna and Bearjaw will take a short hiatus.  For the sake of continuity, an un-named NPC will take Bearjaw’s place in the upcoming battle.  The Villainous Wielder of Magic deserves his Meatshield after all.

The previous week's roleplay can be found, HERE

Someone has brought it to my attention Bearjaw called out that Owlbears, not Bugbears were at the opposite end of the hallway.  This knowledge incensed Harold, he without hesitation brought Rage Squirt and his weapons to readiness.  The bugbears, an obvious ploy by the Owlbears to thwart him, seen as a nuisance he battled them without hesitation.

This omission needed immediate correcting.

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