Hello Darkness my Old Friend, Magnetics, and the Good Doctor (Not so much)

Hello Darkness my Old Friend, Magnetics, and the Good Doctor (Not so much)

August 6, 2018

The pipe back on the rack, the noise from outside, at last, got the attention it looked for.

Those adventurers loud, now to see what they are up too, today.

The group is split into two separate formations found themselves at odds with the groups they have an issue with.  Immeral, Harold, and Ahgi-an fighting the Owl/Bug-bears.  A mighty battle it turned into.  Ahgi-an able to attack with a daring on the floor attack to disembowel a creature.  Harold wielding Rage-Squirt and his found magic sword, a sword infused with magic, another of the creatures perished.  Immeral, using his mighty bow killed on, and then?  Became confused, what to do next?  The decision made he looted the fallen.

Ahgi-an and Harold off to see what the rest of the party were doing at the other end of the long hall.

Roshanna, Adrian, Yusif, Bearjaw, and Myrna having their own problems with Zombies and Ghouls and a troublesome Mage and Cleric.  The Mage cast a spell which had Bearjaw thinking his best friend “just over there and needed protection.”  The Zombies and Ghouls attacking the rest and damage dealt to the others, except for Yusif.  Able to deal damage and go for help.  As he ran, in the opposite direction of the fight he pointed out.  “There is something going on down there, looks bad.”

Adrian interpreted the issues at hand, took quick action, cast a web spell that locked the undead into place.  He also locked Bearjaw into place.  After some strenuous activity, Bearjaw freed himself and headed towards the friendly mage.  Unknown to all, the mage had made his mistake he a replaced with a Temple Cleric, a low level one, that took over for the Mage.  The cleric in charge of the undead in this area the ghouls under her necromantic sway had created and the zombies.

Myrna, Yusif, Roshanna attacking and dealing damage to the undead.  Adrian casting cantrips to distract the monsters, Bearjaw, freed of the spell turned and ready to attack the cleric and the undead.

Harald and Ahi-gan now made it to this area, ready to join the fray.  There was though an issue, a veil of magical darkness separated the cleric from the others.  Nothing magical would even penetrate the spell wall, due to the level of the caster who had created it.  Adrian tried, to no avail with frustrated the elven mage.

Bearjaw overcame the cleric, there was something else in the darkness, what though remained a mystery for now.

Yusif decided time to act, take control, and searched out the area.  With Bearjaw they had pierced the veil and much to their surprise?  Nothing on this side that looked vaguely menacing.  Exhausted from their time in battle?  Myrna and Bearjaw took moments out to rest, the rest becoming even longer than they expected and fell into a deep and restorative sleep.

Yusif meanwhile slightly confused by a section of the wall, it hit him, there was a lever of some sort, hidden in a way that made it near invisible.  His perception though did not permit him to give up, he looked for a way to use the lever.

Harald arrived to assist.  He knew all the lever needed a little Barbarian Might.  He used some and jammed the door hopelessly closed.  The group at this moment thwarted from a decision on what to do next.

All this time an area vision could not penetrate, covered in a magical darkness, and it gave off a feeling of evil confused the company.  Ahgi-an circled the structure find out what it was about.  Roshanna helped stepped in the opposite direction to meet in the middle.  It was then the other magical property of the Veil of Darkness made its way known.

When a person walked through the darkness, they could look around themselves and back the way they came through the Darkness.  A person looked into the darkness, they could perceive a thing.  This was an annoyance.  The double annoyance being if you spoke through the darkness, in this case to party members that had yet to cross that threshold, the voices heard were of a disturbing ghost-like sound.  Death from beyond the grave.

The person confused by this the most?  Immeral the Ranger.  The words that traveled back to him gave him pause.  What if Death waited beyond that darkened sheet?  He tried to use all of his plethora of Ranger skills to determine what the veil was.  Foiled as the veil, not a creature, would not allow someone to find it out.

Ahgi-an, investigating around the darkened blocks found a pool of water behind “The Altar”.  He knew something lived in the pool, he was unsure what it was he had found.  The creatures would not allow themselves found, he could not make a guess what they evil or good they might hold.

The creatures a cross between an alligator, tiger, and earth elemental moved to attack the Scout.  Harald in an attempt in bravery threw himself at the second monster.  The two of them found to their dismay that while the bite of the Mud-Tiger was bad, the magnetic charge the creature gave off was worse.  Roshanna the Bard, also attacked one creature, to find she herself now imbued with magnetism.

Harold, his magical blade and Rage Squirt stuck together, did not allow that to foil his plan of attack.  A mighty swing, a telltale hit, the creature was down.  Ahgi-an and Roshanna could fend off and overcome the other creature.  They rescued the party by the quick thinking and action of the three.

The door continued to thwart Yusif, Harald, the others.  This did not stop them from the attempts.  It was a close thing, but the group overcame the door and a sliding wall gave up what it hid, a doorway with the word inscribed with blue letters, “Deliveries”.

While this occurred Roshanna and Ahgi-an investigated around the altar.  The creature from earlier?  The one that had remained hidden?  Made itself known by attacking the Bard and the Scout.  It also renders an evil attack, the touch of a Shadow does not only to physical damage, damage.  The touch saps the strength from a person.  This happened once to Roshanna, twice to Ahgi-an.  Desperate, the two faltered.  Harald saw the plight of the two, rushed over, battled the Shadow and overcame the vile creature of doom.

The party, exhausted knew they needed to rest.  Back to the Goblin Barracks, they traveled to sleep and rejuvenate lost spells and to heal damage.  The barracks were the best choice, allowed them to rest as they needed.

The group compared notes, spoke about items, coins, and jewelry found, an accounting made, the group happy.  Now rested they voted on what to tackle next.  The door with the blue letters upon it chosen.  The group girdled their loins and all they want to battle evil.

Back at the door, it simple to see no egress was possible on this side.  No locks handle, not even a window to peer through.  The pull rope was there, pulled, and the group waited.  They were not ready for what they found on the other side of the door.

Yusif pulled the rope, a bell rang and after the door opened.  A strange creature greeted them with “How many bodies to you have and did you bring the prisoner?”  The group thought fast, Adrian manacled and given as the prisoner.  They also pulled the half-orc body, the armor, weapons, and accouterments had stripped from it.  As a body.  More requested, more dead bodies and Immeral went off to do recovery of the dead.

Something made the creature wary of the party.  It’s Master, a Doctor.  (The man’s name Dr. Vladimir Periscope) called in.  The two sensed something was wrong, an action took place, and the Doctor attacked members of the party.

Roshanna received a syringe of a substance which made coherent thought impossible.  Yusif shook off the effects of a sleep draught, found himself paralyzed.  Adrian tries to go to the wall where he saw the Doctor’s minion close the door, he wanted to let the Ranger back in with his mighty bow.  Harald had success in hitting the Doctor, enough to annoy, not enough to kill.

The minion, Chumley, no relation or pun intended, the horror of what occurred.  The creature able to breathe fire, did so, wounding Roshanna with its breath.  Chumley, able to move quickly, did so and defended its Master from Harald.  The minion had mighty hammers for hands which dealt significant damage.

Yusif tried to attack with his now recalled two-handed sword skills.  Not a total success.  He did though distract the Doctor from other combatants.
Ahgi-an knew the group needed reinforcements.  Investigating the room to find some, surprised when a woman chained to the wall called out, “Release me, I can assist.”  Not sure of the wisest course of action, he let his gut dictate the actions and tried to release the chained woman.  The chains being strong, thwarted his first attempt.  Between him and the woman prisoner on the second attempt, freed.

It was something Ahgi-an had not noticed right away, the woman did not have both of her eyes.  The left gone.  She retrieved a gem, a fake eye from somewhere, popped it into the eye socket and turned to keep her word of help.  She drew runes on the wall, what they do is anyone’s guess so far.

We end the adventure here, till next week…

There might be missing bits and pieces.

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