Electricy, Magnetism and Cannibalism, Oh My!

Electricy, Magnetism and Cannibalism, Oh My!

August 14, 2018

Well, Gentle Readers?  The story took a dark turn this past week.  By dark turn, I mean Murder and Cannibalism.

You for sure cannot go much darker than those two things.

We had left the group with the Scientist Vladimir Periscope.  He practiced the Art of Science, bringing things to life via the force of electricity, trial and error, and luck.  Slaves had brought to the Doctor for death and dismemberment, used for parts, or some odd experiment only the Doctor knew the purpose.

Chumley, the Doctor’s created assistant everything to the man.  He assisted with the work, protected him when needed, and did all the time-consuming work that the Doctor did not want to deal with like feeding and seeing to the needs of the slaves still breathing.  Chumley not always good at this and some slaves died.

The party, still in combat with the doctor to stop the experiments before they might have gone too far.  Harold attacked the Doctor, along with Roshanna and Adrian.  Immeral had the worst of this encounter, he shot by a dart which caused blindness.  Not only that, the fear instilled in him caused him to attack fellows in the party causing them damage.

 Ahgi-an speaking to the group's new ally, Agelyn, the Rune-Keeper.  She tried to draw runes on the wall, for what purpose?  No idea, it though the decision made to allow her to finish her task.  Ahgi-an attempted subterfuge saying he tried to keep a slave from an escape or revolt.  Unable to have anyone believe this, even himself.  The Doctor too intent on Harold braining him with Rage-Squirt to notice.

Now, while THIS occurred?  Yousif, Bearjaw, and Myrna had taken the time to investigate the temple where the darkness came from.  They found nothing; they took a long time to determine that.

Adrian, Harold, Roshana and two elven mages?  They attacked Periscope and Chumley.  Immeral tried to find the battle by sound, he had little success.
It took some doing, Harold badly injured, Chumley, and the Doctor overcome.  A dangerous person the Doctor.  Now, one of the Elven mages did now try to assert his authority over the Rune Mage, this did not go well for the Mage.  He soon found himself bound in earth
Roshanna ran afoul of the Doctor’s formulas as Immeral had done.  The formula used on her caused wounds received to bleed even heavier, causing more damage.  This really annoyed her.  It is unknown if the formula manages this, or Immeral pointing out that the syringes themselves damaged.  Everyone knew this, the Ranger pointed it out.

Ahgi-an and the Rune mage investigated, they found prisoners which the set free, gave weapons and food, and let them leave on their own.  The group did not take time out to travel with the freed prisoners, more slaves needed rescue.

This is the start when any time a spell cast at a party member, unable to fight off the effects of the spell.  It is also when the party’s mages cast spells at Chumley or Periscope, either unable to complete the casting or the two fought off the effects of the spell.  This went on for a lot longer than needed.

With the battle over, to the victor goes the spoils.  Roshanna, the first to do so, ripped the items the Doctor had off his body, in case he somehow recovered.  She thinking only of the safety of the party.  Adrian searched out the room, he spied a large cabinet.  Inside he found the door loaded with the Doctor’s syringes and two of those mechanisms for delivering the syringe.  Immarel, every curious about weapons that flung things over a distance claimed one.
The door held 5 different draughts; Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and Brown.  What were they?  Anyone’s guess.  An investigation soon proved out that the green ones, seemed to be, the same type that had wounded Roshanna, and the yellow ones might be the same as those that blinded Immarel.

A discussion on using the syringes on the mage that had disrespected the Rune Caster, quashed by the others as an Evil Act.

They found the Doctor not to be dead, only wounded.  Wounded and close to death, wounded though the same.  Roshanna, recalling the pain, blood, and the hammer fists of Chumley, quick to raise the killing knives, ready to stab and end the man’s life, for a moment, stopped.  An almost discussion, more of; “should we, could we, might we” ensued.  No one was willing to step up for the Doctor, unlike how some were for the Elven Mage.  While the Doctor could not defend himself, helpless, Roshanna ended his life.  Murder or Justice?  You should decide.  Fate will.

It might have started early.  Roshanna went to the cabinet and spied what looks to be a journal, she pulled it from the cabinet, noted the inscription “Journal of Doctor Vladimir Periscope, Scientist” and without consideration to her own personal safety, opened the book.  A green powder ejected into the air rendering her unconscious.  The Doctor’s last act?  Fate/Providence taking a moment?

Roshanna was not dead, not even harmed, only knocked unconscious.  Adrian, ever quick, picked up the book and stored it away before the book itself could complete more fell deeds.  Very considerate.

Now, Harrold.

Doctor Vladimir Periscope was not a normal doctor.  He was a Creationist and a Vivisectionist.  These are not two scopes of inquiry into life that would bode well for anyone.  He did not want to create Golems as most mages of a Creationist bent wanted to make.  Nor did he want to infuse parts of the body with life using Life Magics.  He wanted to use the “Order of the Natural Environment to Create Life.”  (One of the many papers found in the cabinet explaining his work.)  He first had to create the Natural Environment.

Without too much detail, for any amount is too much, he used Science and banned Magic from his lab.  He stored, somehow, lightening in an orb using non-magical means and used that stored energy for all his experiments.  The Band knew none of this.

Harold spied the Orb from across the room.  The purple color an allure, the blue arcs of light, interesting.  He could not help himself, drawn to the thing, he must touch it he did, becoming glued to the thing.  One could even say magnetized to it. 

Adrian wanting to be of a quick help jumped to Harold’s rescue, he too stuck.  Harold, being skin to skin with this object felt an odd sensation, he has never put a finger to what it was, in his mind though he is God-Touched.  No one is sure what he means.

Now, this next part?  It is a question that might plague Sages and Scholars for… quite a long time.  How people disconnected from the Orb.  One of the party members found that they had a waterskin filled with water.  With no thought to their own personal safety, poured/shot the water at the orb.  The orb reacted as electricity and water mixing often have reacted in the past.  The party found themselves in a shocking moment.
When the party awoke (Almost all failed their saves, the highest number was a 6 I believe for you that need details. Darren Note)

One of the side effects?  The mighty talisman Rage-Squirt dropped to the ground.  Ahgi-an, ever quick to pick it up with the immediate intention of returning this artifact to the Barbarian, it was a symbol of the man’s god. He could not now Rage-Squirt fused to his hand.

Harrold and Adrian were at last removed from the ball, Harrold heartbroken over the loss of Rage-Squirt, Ahgi-an, also disenchanted by the knowledge he would never use his right hand again nor wield a bow, or anything else in his right hand.  Came up with a plan.  It was less of a plan and more of an act of desperation.  They both touched the ball again.

Rage-Squirt dropped.  Harrold did not have another God Touched Experience, no one else did either.  Finally pried away from the Orb the group felt it was time to explore more.  A secret door found, opened, and an entrance back into the mines found.

The group had a quick conference.  The Rune Caster told them someone had sent her to find out what was going on in the Mines.  She sent by Duke Loren, they sent by the owners of the Mine.  Taxes being the reason Loren sent her and a desire to find out why people kidnapped in his duchy.  They found themselves at similar purposes.

The group also decided that without the benefit of spells from the mages, the party might not last all that long. They traipsed back to the Doctor’s lab and take a much-needed rest.

Refreshed, the group sallied forth.  They soon found a group of prisoners, slaves really, ready for transport and beaten, starved into submission.  These poor souls had the bare desire to live.  Anyone and Anything that came near them, they saw either as a threat or a way out.  Much like a drowning man see’s a person swimming by and how one would grab onto the swimmer, the Lifeguard, and both would drown.

The Brave Band, confused by this turn of events, was not sure what to do with the slaves as often they impeded the groups progress.  Taken out of the Band’s hands when two Owl/Bugbears sent to investigate the clamor being made by the prisoners.

A quick melee ensued, the Owl/Bugbears overcome.  They found one prisoner to be a monk, sent to find out about the prisoners, they found a common goal.  He though refused to leave the prisoners to their own devices, he planned to escort them out.

A quick note, there were three prisoners also in the Doctor’s laboratory.  No one wanted to think about what he had planned to do to them, released with food and scavenged weapons.  They soon came upon Yusif, Bearjaw, and Myrna who pointed out the best way to leave the dungeon was “That way.”

While the party discussed next moves?  Ahgi-an, on his own, took the path less taken, this being a tunnel of quite some small size.  He did this, found where it came out, and with a sixth sense, or good insight in splitting the party is never a good idea.  He came back in time to see cannibalism in action.

The other elven mage, not the scholar or Adrian, had a fit.  It might have been from the electrical shock, it might have been from seeing slavery in all its horrible forms, unknown.  He cut flesh from the Owl/Bugbear bodies and eat it raw, cry out how he would sacrifice these to his god.

It is unknown of any elven god that takes flesh from an Owl/Bugbear.  It is also unknown why Harrold, so deep into the lore of the Owlbear might not have done this first.  The decision made no good sauces, rubs, or glazes were available.  The Band looked on with something between fear, disgust, and a fear that one of the party members might also lose their mind, next.

This is where the group is for the next leg of the adventure.  If there are parts left out, there might be a reason, might not.  To the best of the historian’s knowledge, there are no blatant untruths.  There were, for example, no rubs, glazes or sauces available.

Until next week.

In case you forgot?  Meeting the Doctor

Addendum to the post Electricity, Murder, and Cannibalism, I feel this is needed.

All know NO one would ever think of using this for Meta-Gaming purposes.

The Band moved on and did not give much attention to the workroom of Dr. Vladimir Periscope.  Why should they?  Or should they?

A sliding panel on the left side of the room, unlooked for so not found drops to the ground and a contraption with the name Chumley II wheels its way across the floor.  Levers, gears, all sorts of a racket made as two arms extend to the body that lies on the floor.

The body picked up, brought to the Globe of Power, and the left hand of the body brought to the circular device and laid upon it. Current racks the body, the body turns to ash.  It leaves all the belongings on the floor.

Arc after arc of Scientific Power goes to each device set up to receive and send that current along until they reach a small set of power rods attached to a section of the wall.  
The rods, glow with a purple light, a crack, a sizzle, the smell of ozone.  This sliding door also now opens, it slides out the nude form of a man.  The man looks about for a moment, confused.  Spies the clothing now being held by Chumley II, takes the clothing and puts it on.  Stands.

Wrapping his left arm around Chumley II’s shoulders “It is good to be back old friend, it is good to be back.  Now, let us off to our Secret Laboratory so we can continue our research…”

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