Traps, Hanging Around, True Love, and why people should not sniff the fungi

Traps, Hanging Around, True Love, and why people should not sniff the fungi

August 20, 2018

Another hearty adventure, along with no cannibalism all good things.  Now on to the recap.

The group awoke in a strange room; it looked to be a laboratory of some sort, with the happenings of last week?  Their memories drained, no direct remembrance of the room.  They had a long rest and decide to sally forth.

They made their way back, not realizing they had gone this way, to where the slave pens.  A general uprising of the slaves occurred, due to no small part, to the party’s doing.  Now Ex-Slaves running back and forth, trying to find a way out of their prison.

Yusif, in the lead, found an iron-bound door, no hinges, bars in the window.  When he peered in, a Bug-bear peered back and stabbed Yusif with his spear.  The Beggar-Prince Yusif none too happy by this.  The bars proving a bane he stepped back to see if he had any other weapons better suited.

Roshanna, using one dart from Dr. Vladimir Periscope shot at the bugbear through the bars, she missed.  Harold would have none of this.  Rage-squirt reclaimed, admittedly little recollection of losing it, saw the bars as no impediment.  He bashed down the door.  The door knocked down, and the Bugbear readied itself for combat.  Adrian, thinking to help cast a spell of fire.  Bugbears use to such things, handily avoided the spell.  This creature spied Harold and a flurry of blows exchanged; bugbear met its doom, Harold the victor.

Our party split up, not for the only time, of the day.  A part of the group led by Adrian and Roshanna went to spy out the rooms occupied by ex-slaves.  One of the escaped slaves, a rogue, joined the group to take retribution on the slavers.

Slaves had been complaining of a rampant fire that consumed the air deeper in the pits.  No such fire found a group of torches, not a threat to all.  With the dread bugbear dead, the ex-slaves knew this their time to escape.

The slaves, a rampaging horde, rushed past the group on their way to freedom.

Ahgi-an and the Runecaster had stayed at the back of the group, intent on protecting the party from sneak thieves with their sights set on an ambush.  A good thing nothing occurred.

Immeral, intent on the safety of the slaves, sallied forth to point those intent on escape the correct direction to flee.  No way the unsuspecting Ranger might prepare for Jocelyn, one of the captured, that she found solace in his arms.  She leaped up into his strong arms, the thought, “I am now safe.”  She held onto the Ranger as if her life depended upon it.

While he wanted to provide protection and solace to the frightened woman, he also needed the use of his weapons to defend her and her honor.  Adrian, saw his compatriot in trouble leaped into action.  He tried to explain their perils.  The description proved too much for the overwrought woman.  Jocelyn held on all the harder to Immeral.  Much to his chagrin.

It took time, Jocelyn finally released the Immeral, she joined the throng of ex-slaves escaping.  The party conferred, and they made their way back to the barracks room named Mother of Goblins.  There, after the bodies of the ogres cleared away, the party made their way down into the bowels of the caverns.

The first room they entered had several oil lanterns in it.  Odd for such a place.  No odder than the pool of water that lay directly in the center of the room.  A door straight ahead of the party, on the far side of the pool and one to the party’s left, completed the description.  Harald, the brave barbarian examined the pool.  He found an oddness to it, hard to explain.  Clear and oily, a shadow of something with a clearness hard to explain.  The pool itself made him feel uncomfortable, he did not come up with a reason.

The reason for the uncomfortable feeling was a creature not of this world, a Water Weird.  A creature both of magic and the Elemental Plane of Water inhabited the pool.  The party tried to overcome the creature with spells and the might of force.  Adrian, casting cold based spells could slow the creature down.  Others, like Roshanna, attempted slashing and piercing damage.  The wily bard, for example, shot at the creature with another of Periscope’s syringes.  The syringe pierced the water, not the creature, and the syringe lost in the watery grave that the creature lived.

Harald, with Rage-Squirt, attacked and overcame the Weird.  He, still not comfortable, found no way to say why he hurried the party out the door the ex-Slave, Rogue opened the door quickly.  The party escaped just in time, the Weird reformed.

It did not take long for the group to find itself in another deadly encounter.  Evil creatures from many a nightmare live in these dark and dank caverns.  The group never forced to deal with creatures out of nightmare had an inkling that such creatures even existed.  Mud-Tigers, that creature from the temple.  One that cast electricity, magnetized the metal on some party, they too found here.  Nightmare creatures, Troglodytes by name, the Mud-Tiger’s masters.

The stench, the reek of worse than carrion could have been the giveaway for these foul warriors.  They were not strong in limb, they though doughty warriors.  They attacked with claws, weapons and even teeth.  It took only a short while for the party to overcome them.

While the group counted their blessings, Adrian ever in the front, explored further into the caverns.  Unaware that someone had noted the party’s actions, a party of troglodytes and a cleric sent out to deal with this latest intrusion.

The cleric, new to his post and his desire to back Evil, found his spells inadequate for the job.  He cast several spells, all but one influenced his enemies.  A spell that caused wounds successful in its intent.  He and the creatures of nightmare soon fell to the swords and Rage-Squirt of the party.

A few moments after the group decided time to heal, they found themselves at odds with one another.  The Runecaster and Ahgi-an found to be left behind in the room with the water-weird.  It reformed and attacked the two.  Blows exchanged, the weird fought off the attacks.  That until the ex-slave, rogue came with his Mighty Rock.  This rock, imbued with the power of the ancients, dealt more damage than previously dealt.  This allowed the Runecaster and Ahgi-an to make their escape after the creature found itself subdued.

Now the group found itself at an impasse which way to go?  The large underground lake where the mud-tigers and the troglodytes might make their lair?  Directly in front.  Several interesting looking side passageways setting off in different directions.  Where to go?

Yusif took the lead and headed down a side passageway that gave promise.  It held so much promise that the traps laid there by the Slavers were not simple to overcome.  Pressure plates set off when a maximum weight reached claimed Yusif and another. 

There they were, their foot trapped in a rope, dangling from the ceiling.  A precarious perch to be sure.  Talk of shooting arrows at the ropes as pin point arrow skills were not at the forefront of the group's bag of tricks?  Another plan formulated.

The spell Mage Hand cast, given a dagger the ropes cut, and the trapped adventurer plummeted to the floor.  No one there to catch them, they each took damage from the fall.
The sharp-eyed amongst you notice that the groups able archer was not present.  He had gone off with the Slave-Rogue, Ahgi-an and the Runecaster on their own sort of adventure.

Immeral found his own side passageway.  He noted immediately something was odd about the scent in the area.  Even though he thought he prepared himself, the fungi were the slightest bit quicker.  A breath, it caught the Ranger in the snare.  Paralyzed.  He could not move nor speak.  The spores had done their work and captured a victim.
The Slave-Rogue came up next, and he too thought something odd.  He noted Immeral studying a section of the wall with a passion unseen before.  This was not a passion, it was the effect of the fungi paralysis.

It took a manner of moments before the Slave-Rogue too ensnared by the spoors of the fungi.  Now the Runecaster, who had noted there were times the group seemed at with odds with itself?  She asked Ahgi-An if this was a time when the paralyzed two should be looted and killed.  It was not like they could be held accountable.

Aghi-an sensing this was a test of his moral fiber and character immediately declined to go against his friends for the off chance for some monetary gain.  Runecaster found herself pleased that he had not chosen the nefarious route.

This group back together with a plan set out to finish this.  The suggestion made to gather up the dead bodies of their fallen foes planned and put into place.  Bodies dragged forward and tossed in front of the slow-moving group.  Someone set the different pressure plates off, the bodies whipped up and into the air.

More discussion, left, right, or straight?  Harald, the ever vigilant, noted the smell of water.  He moved fast and came to a section of the cavern where a fast-moving river could be seen.  Ready to bring the others forward, stopped.  He could not say why an internal caution restrained him.

At the beach, someone had called a gathering.  Something had called the leaders it seemed of the Slavers for this complex forward.  A discussion about what to do with Harald’s group was underway.  Profits had fallen, henchmen had fallen.  There was a wild slave uprising within the mines themselves.  The decision had to be made.  Was it flight or fight?  Defend their small outpost where the profits good?  Pack things up and find a better territory to take valuable assets, slaves, to sell within the Slave Markets of Nython.

Harald and the others had barely had time to think, plan when….

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I'm adding a post about the Law of the Kingdoms.  Thoughts would be appreciated

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