The End...How the Heroes of Silverton kill everything, get the gold, the girl...wait there is no girl...

The End...How the Heroes of Silverton kill everything, get the gold, the girl...wait there is no girl...

August 28, 2018

Once again, we turn our attention to the Heroes of Silverton and what are they up to In the Quarry?

You might recall we had left the group on the beach with a band of rugged foes about ready to do something dastardly to them.  The Heroes attempted a stealthy retreat, this was not to be the case as one evildoer caught the movement out of the corner of their eye.

A melee soon occurred and the Barbarian, Drow and Halfling Rogues, Tiefling Warlock and Warrior of the rugged foes fell to the steadfast resolve of the Heroes.  Making their escape the wielders of magic a cleric, a mage, and a bard.  A mage caused the most difficulty for the heroes as his spell of Lightning bolt harmed the party.  Racque the bard cast his spell of Crown of Madness affecting only Harald and had him keep the party busy while all the foes made their escape.

Immeral the brave ranger tried to slay the villains with his bow.  This did not go as planned, the Ranger would often run up, fire an arrow and then make his way back to use a mage or two as covered while he reloaded his bow.  On one of these forays, his bowstring could no longer take the pressure of the back and forth and broke.

Now the Bard, Roshanna, she remembered what the syringes did to her in the laboratory of the scientist.  They had put her to sleep, it had paralyzed others.  She took the hand-held crossbow and loaded it with a syringe and fired it into the general melee.  There was so much back and forth becoming impossible for her to hit a thing.

Yusif found it impossible to use his bow to an advantage during the fight.  If he attempted to shoot an arrow, it would hit a comrade in the back.  Perhaps unto their death.  Instead, he threw insults and barbs at the attackers.  He let them know in no small way the amount of disgust he had for anyone that made their fortunes in slavery.  And that they had very smelly feet.

After the damage caused by the lightning bolt and the back-and-forth nature of the melee, the party had taken damage.  The Runecaster, unable to enter the foray could use her specialized magic for healing.  This she did several times to an area around her, healing several party members.  Often those outside the circle included Adrian and the Ranger much to their chagrin.

The battle a slugfest; the villains broke up their attacks by attacking two at a time, using spells of darkness and invisibility to be stealthy in their attacks.  All for naught at the anti-heroes slain.  The rest made their escape ready to battle another day.

The group quickly patted down the bodies of the slain.  Adrian found a helmet that might have magical properties, they also found potions that might heal or might have a nefarious purpose that deals with catching slaves.
A question NOT in the back of the Heroes of Silverton, obviously, “What was that connection between that Bizarre Scientist Mage Warlock Doctor person and the Slavers?”  Oh wait, that’s right, the party forgot all about him.  Due to the orb that the party also forgot all about.  Never mind.

The villainous crew made their escape but not with their ill-gotten booty.  They left behind two chests, both locked with three padlocks a piece.  These locks proved a bane for Yusif, one lock so lock proof?  The thing broke off the Rogue’s tools.

This did not deter Harald.  With swings from Rage-Squirt, the locks overcome with might.  The chests in total held ancient gold, silver, and platinum and magic items.  They found a tray full of stones, on a special tray that befuddled magic.

This too is when the group found the warrants for their arrest, dead or alive that put many of them on edge.  The elven scholar was not in any way worried, there was no warrant for his arrest and he seemed pleased with this finding.

A note found, sealed in wax.  It went on about a group calling themselves The Nine.  Who or what this might pertain too, not yet revealed.  Those that read the note paid it little mind.  A second note, sealed, crumpled and stained also found.  This, not unlike the stones, made any reading of the note impossible.  Roshanna tried to use a spell to decipher the note, found herself with a severe headache and no closer to reading the words.  The Illiterate Harald seemed to be the only one capable of looking at the note, it did him or anyone else any good.  He could not decipher the strange runes no matter how he turned the sheet. (Included)

Adrian, tired of not completing the quest sooner, walked boldly on, back to the room where the group had stored dead troglodytes.  He might have forgotten about the traps, however it occurred, he soon hung from the ceiling, he got himself down with a minor difficulty and cuts and bruises from the fall.

A group conference about which way to go, Adrian again would have nothing to do with it and ventured forward.

A creature killed on the first attack, the party felt victorious after this battle.

The group knew it needed to rest, spells were in short supply and the group needed to eat.  They picked a hallway chosen because of the chance at using a locked door.  Finally, 8 hours of blessed rest revitalized the group.

Now ready, choices made the Heroes of Silverton made their way deeper into the caverns.  They came to a burial chamber, it did not take them long to find the fiendish ghouls hungry for their flesh.  The brave ranger once again brought out his bow, this time though the bow failed him as the string broke.  He knew the party was counting on his skills.  He soon walked back to the others to explain the shortfalls of relying too much on his arrows.

Harald stepped up, he saw the danger of the ghouls, knew something needed to be done and the decision made to do it.  While at the back of the group the ranger explained the horrific day he experienced, Harald slew the two ghouls.  The ghouls had an even worse day.

Two more chests found, dragged along to be opened later.  There were victims to rescue!

The party explored and found a group of kidnapped victims, prepared to be sold on the slave auction blocks in Nython.

The Runecaster again stepped up after Yusif could not unlock the locks, in fact, one tool that Yusif used broke off inside the locks.  She used one of her runes and they undid the locks and the locks foiled.  This group of slaves was almost all miners.  The gratitude showered on the Heroes at this point.  They could not wait to leave these foul dens.

One slave, Ichabod, let the heroes know there were other slaves still in captivity.  He led them to their cells and with Yusif out of lock picking commission, the Runecaster out of runes to power, Harald once again stepped up.  He stepped up and bashed the locks on these cells and the slaves were slaves no more.

One of these poor unfortunates, Wren, looked scared and secretive.  Yusif took notice of his deceptive behavior at once!  He pulled the man out of line and questioned him.  “If you don’t tell me your name and why you look worried, I will cut out your tongue, I will kill you!”  This had both the desired and undesired effects that Yusif desired.  The man terrified of the Thief.  He could not spit words out fast enough.  Those words made no sense to anyone, let alone Wren.  Yusif tried to gain information from the man again.  “I will KILL YOU!”  The man was in terror for his life.

Adrian thought this might be a little too harsh.  The captive just let go from slavery took a small amount of pity on the captive.  “We won’t kill you.”  Yusif stayed in the background, brandishing his sword, muttering about slave stew.

Roshanna came up with the brilliant idea of a bribe.  Instead of threatening why not pay the man for his story?  This came about after the brilliant bard cast a spell of suggestion on the man.  He, now able to get his breath back, also negotiated a fine settlement for his story.  200 gold pieces.  Yusif did not threaten to rob Wren of his gains.
Wren told his story after getting his breath back.  “I’m a Ley Miner.  I can sense and discern stones a Ley Line can use that to have additional powers.  These are wide-ranging and can do many and wondrous things.”

There was more technical dialogue, frankly, I fell asleep.  The important part was this man can find Ley Stones, these by those less knowledgeable might call them Ioun or Ion Stones.  The number of names humans come up for these things are amazing.  They gained knowledge;  it takes 4 years to find a stone and have it ready for use.  This was an unknown thing.

Wren also told the Heroes that the Slavers actively looked for Ley Miners and unknown to them they had killed 3 such miners in their interrogations.  Ley Miners are a secretive lot.

With this information, the party wondered if the stones they had found in the first pair of treasure chests if they were Ley Stones.  The Ranger immediately claimed one for his own.

Before leaving the foul area of the Slavers they opened the two chests.  They found gold and Platinum pieces along with a magical longsword.  That longsword found to be OrcDeath, the slayer of the LongClaw tribe of Orcs in the Iron Fist caves.  Long thought destroyed is now being wielded by none other than Harald.  They also found a breastplate, what if any magical properties or curses held by it is still unknown.

A helm found a discussion ensued about the use of the thing.  The treasure taken, the captives or ex-slaves escorted out.
Epilogue 1

The Mayor of Darkshelf, and the owner of the Darkshelf Quarry is both pleased and grateful for the hard work that the Heroes have done.  Instead of their reward of 100 gold pieces each, a princely sum, he rewards each party member with 150gp each.  A King's ransom.

Darkshelf Mayor also asks if the group had thought about the now abandoned castle and how he would like to grant them a land boon.  The area about the Quarry is his and with their skills and deeds, a title of nobility cannot be that far behind.  They decide a land grant is what they do need.  The Fortress of the Heroes of Silverton is born. 
Plus, now the slavers have a place to raid to get back at the heroes for ruining their plans in the area, stopping their mining of Ley Stones and who knows what else.

The Land Grant is for ONLY the Castle/Guardhouse and none of the land under the structure that might be considered “The Mine”.  If the first level under the structure proves to be not a part of the mine that too will be granted to the Heroes.

Epilogue 2

“The Heroes of Silverton Must Die!”  This is the consensus of the Slavers that escaped.  Stay tuned for how this might occur and what will happen next.

There are still missing slaves, slaves sold from Silverton and Darkshelf that need to a rescue.

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