Elven Wandering Companies

Elven Wandering Companies

September 5, 2018

The Wandering Companies of Elbereth

Elves have always claimed this is not their world, plane, or planet.  They come from a place “Far Away.”  Where that place is they are loath to disclose.  Many of the elves live here, do not understand they are not from havens like Ceylon.

The Wandering Companies of Elbereth are the groups that take the elves tired of this place and are ready to move on to the next.  Some refer this as “The Calling.”  The Company travels to prescribed places of elven heritage, known only to the elf in charge named “The Captain.”

He or she oversees day-to-day issues that come up within the group.  Reports are a Wandering Company is a sight to behold.  Singing, dancing, revelry is the order of the day.  Poetry, feats of arms, creation of new magic items all happen during this time.  This is also the time when many elven children are born.  It is good luck to be of a birth of a Company child.  They say many adventuring elves are born while traveling.

There are at least 3 Wandering Companies at any one time, three being a very fortunate number to many elves.  Scholars, sages, and mages travel with a company to learn from the wise masters intent on leaving this world to go on to the next.

They say the final destination for a Wandering Company is Sanctuary.  Once an elf arrives at Sanctuary, passes through the pass that leads to this valley and on to the harbor and the great white ships leave from?  Elves do not return from Sanctuary.

Reports say however there is always an Elf named Turgon who oversees one of the Wandering Companies.  Since there is no beginning time or an end time for the trip to Sanctuary it is possible this is the same elf lord.  Also possible a title granted to the leader of one of the Wandering Companies and it is a honorific.

In the same vein there has been an elven woman, Idril Celebrindal, who has been a leader of one of the other Companies and lead that company since the Restoration.  If she had a hand in the Restoration of Feanor onto the throne of Silverton, it has not been reported.

There is no information on the third leader of the Wandering Company.

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