Magic in the Twilight Realms

Magic in the Twilight Realms

September 5, 2018

Magic in the Twilight Realms.
How magic works in The Empire of Belkazzar, Kingdom of Silverton, The Grand Duchy of Bissel, Ceylon, The Semptius Marches, Plutocracy of Istika, The Great Nython Dominion, The City-States of Goldia and Greyton.

They have shared some of this information in previous posts.  It is up to the reader to decide what is the true history, what shared by the winners, and which whined by those that had no luck.

Wizards ruled the Empire of Belkazzar.  The Theocracy in power now writes that Magic brought the empire to its knees.  This is a partially true statement.
The Council of Wizards ruled the Empire.  They had been the ones to put the Emperor on the Wyvern Throne.  The Emperor chosen by unanimous vote by the Council.  They ruled it illegal for the Emperor to be related to anyone on the Council, to help spread the power out.

They used divinization, Astrology to conduct everyday business, to declaring war, and even passing laws.  In the beginning the Empire, they cast a divinization via runes “A Witch will bring down the Empire.”

They put any women that had a touch of the art to death.  Women fled the capital and surrounding area to the hinterlands.  Most went to what today is knows as Silverton, Nython, and Istika.  Areas far enough away from the capital to provide sanctuary from the fires.  Still within the Empire to afford the Empire’s protection.
It is unclear if the sister, mother, daughter or wife to the Emperor Ar-Zimrathôn caused the Downfall.  Whomever she was it mattered little.  The Emperor was a horrible ruler, wars with no purpose, famines, and executions on a whim were the norm.  Barbarian incursion into the Grand Empire were the norm.  They left the Duchy of Silverton and the Duchy of Nython to fend for themselves which also led to the Downfall.

A woman convicted of being a witch, burnt at the stake, and her property confiscated.  A daughter, the first Witch of the Fens started an insurrection using disaffected women of power, barbarian tribes, unpaid and mutinous legions and attacked the Empire from within and without.  Thus, making the prophecy true and complete.  It brought the Empire down by a woman.  Either by the woman burnt at the stake or by her daughter the first Witch.

The Empire known during this time for having magic a part of everyday life.  Salt shakers that immediately refilled themselves, bowls that kept soup warm, even gardens, the amount of rain regulated, and sun fell on the plants to keep them ever blooming.  If something could be done by magic it was. 
Tales tell of world walking, floating cities, and how the gods walked the earth and made their villas in the Empire.  People should note World Walkers are in a lot of the fables from that time, suggesting that there are other places other than this one to visit. 
They created the Great Swords Soul- Storm and Soul-Mourn.  Twin blades, both longswords the difference between them the color of the stone in the pommel of each.  Storm has a grey gem, Soul has a black gem.  Their exact powers are still unknown, they conjecture it to be world destroying.
That was all lost in the sands of time.   

With the Downfall or the Fall as it became known, they saw magic as the cause. If the Wizard Council had not been greedy, if the Emperor had been a better man, had the woman not burnt at the stake, the Empire would still be the ruler of the Realms.

Today, there is little learned magic in Belkazzar.  A small amount of clerical magic is in evidence, nothing though reported past a 5th level spell.  Magical healing is all but unheard of.  A twist of irony is there is more than a little divinization magic, via the clerical spheres.  Anyone within the Empire found to be a person with talent quickly hides it or moves to a safer place.

A short note about Haroun Bey.  He is the King in Shadows, the last of the line of rightful rulers of the Empire of Belkazzar.  He is also a mage.  Not something he lets known about, if he had not gone to the Mages Guild in Silverton, there would be no report of this.  They turned him down for tutoring or membership.
They accepted him to the Academy in Goldia.  His followers, and those in his pay have an enclave outside the city itself.  They accept he is a Hazard Class of the magical arts.


At the time of the Fall, Silverton was a backwater duchy.  This proved valuable to the wizards that made the duchy and then country their home.  The Mage’s Guild grew out of the problems that had assailed mages in Belkazzar.  First the guild opened its doors to women, which allowed it to double its operating budget with the fees it took in.
The Guild did not learn from its mistakes as it kept those practicing the art of Illusion out of the guild.  The reason given was that “An Illusionist is not a real mage, more of a side show attraction.”  This pushed a lot of potential practitioners out of the control of the guild. 

Those Illusionist practitioners soon were at odds with the guild and the first Mage War erupted.  This was not on a large scale, in fact many are not aware that a war even took place.  The last Mage War ended with the creation of Goldia by Morgana.

Magic is a tool in Silverton.  Some people like Guild members are able crafters and masters.  Others are hedge wizards and barely can cast a spell a day.  The Guild has been the only place where magical items created, and they are loath to give or sell them to anyone, even guildmembers.  The items are being saved for that proverbial “Rainy Day.” Which never comes.


There is a history behind the use of magic in Nython covered under separate writings.  A large amount of hedge wizardry, meaning not a lot of even Hazard Class.  Also, a large amount of clerical magic centered on the God and Goddess Set.  Set is both male and female represented as a cobra/snake.

Set as scholars score such things is an evil god.  Followers of Set would disagree, again discussed elsewhere.


There is little magic in Istika because most people do not believe magic exists.  An Istikan considers herself to be a practical person, magic is not practical, so magic does not exist.  This presents odd issues when people from Istika are presented with magic proofs.  They, mostly, explain magic as a science and wave off any explanations that differ.  

Healing is from medicine.  There is no undead, and no one has ever cast a fireball.  That is the official doctrine.  There is a small amount of clerical magic explained as miracles.  

Anyone caught practicing magic is a witch, put on trial and burned at the stake.  Mages do not move to Istika.


Semptius embraces everything and everyone.  It is a relatively new country, less than 100 years old.  They have created it from the ashes of the nation of Kavelin.  Semptius is a Constitutional Monarchy.  There is a Queen, she needs to have the approval of her Parliament to get anything done.  This differs from Silverton as they have a Queen who decides when Parliament sits.

Magic is embraced here, the problem being there isn’t a lot of magic in Semptius.  The constant wars, battles, and skirmishes have claimed a large percentage of the mages lives.  Most moved to either Silverton, Goldia, or are in hiding in both Semptius or Istika waiting for a return of better days.

There is a number to a lot of haunted or locked locations that might have a storehouse of magic items.  Many people have attempted looting these places and things have not gone well for them, they paid for the attempt with their lives.


They involve the few mages in Bissel in Court Intrigue.  Love potions and poison are what the mages in Bissel study instead of anything else.  Romance, chivalry, climbing the social ladder is important.  All spells and items that move a person forward at Court is what is important.  A magical sword that does not have a past or a heroic story is not important.  A suit of battered armor that has been passed down from generation to generation is more important that a shield that can protect its user better.

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