Troll Axe and the Abbey

Troll Axe and the Abbey

September 25, 2018

Well, here we are again, at the end of something or another.  The Heroes of Silverton picked up where they left off.

Harald, the Barbarian?  It is obvious his lust in his heart.  Not for a woman no, for a martial weapon.  He had an impressive longsword; though too citified, too eloquent for his barbarian ways.  He needed a real weapon, something with teeth, or at least something felt, barbaric.  What would be better than a weapon from a Troll?  Nothing.

Someone had outfitted the Troll with armor, magical armor, armor that protected the creature from heat and fire.  The bane of any Troll.  Being the only threat left to the group, the creature needed death.

A tremendous see-saw battle back and forth between the combatants.  Others tried to join in.  Roshanna tried to give blows and rewarded with a slice that all but killed her.  The ranger tried shooting with arrows from afar, which seemed to do little damage.  

A warrior joined the group from the escaping slaves?  Those prisoners now so much to live for?  He made all the difference in the slaying of the Troll.  The man’s name?  Cob.  Cob found a bow, he too a Barbarian.  Never a bad thing.  Cob took careful aim, after the mighty blows Harald had given the Troll, it could only be a matter of time before the Troll died.  The arrow, shot by Cob, pierced the creature dead center in the chest, punching through the armor, and the Troll down.  There was much rejoicing.
A side note, Angelina, the Runecaster, noted the Troll healing, and she moved over to give off the finishing blow.  Not though quick enough, the Troll, able to overcome the sweet death Cob attempted to give upon him, healed with its natural talent.

The party knew they had gotten too close, the Troll never getting up swiped at the party, hitting, tripping those too close and dealing more damage.  The Runecaster put the creature out of its misery, cut the thing’s head off, and burned it to stop it from using its natural healing ability.

Harold’s death lust thus sated he looked to his prize, the creatures War Axe.  This is a double-bladed weapon, with a hammered spear point on the top.  Overcome with lust for this weapon, Harald traded away the newly found magical longsword to Cob, payment of sorts for the mighty arrow took the Troll down.  
Another reason Harald traded the sword?  It was jealous, it’s true.  The sword, not something that wanted to share time with other weapons.  Magic weapons are a spiteful lot, they should expect it.  Cob pleased with his acquisition.  How could he not be?

It was something else though for Harald; he found that the weapon he now possessed heavy, overbalanced, and difficult to even move.  How had the Troll done it?  Something to the armor worn by the creature?  Was it something with the weapon itself?  A magical property with the axe that made it difficult to use unless something happened?  Only time will tell.

People in Freeport made note of the company as they entered the city.  Guards in the pay of merchants let their employers know fresh coin had entered.  Simple to tell that none of these, except for the Bard, were locals.  They spoke oddly; they smelled, and they had coin to spend.  The local Thieves Guild made note of them right away, Simple when one member came up and introduced himself and asked about joining.

A Ranger explored the city to buy pearls, a Mage off to see about spells.  That same Ranger wanted to purchase an incredible bow.  Once it was ascertained that coin was not in short supply, the different groups in the city prepared.

Another one of the group that looked to be sneaking about, listening to people.  He wasn’t quite a Peeping Tom; he was close though.  The party met at the Old Abbey, that some Slavers had taken over and after a bit, had entered.  NO idea what was going on in there, the Warning Bell went off, people scurried into their homes and locked the doors.  The Peeping Tom as seen outside, banging on the doors, no one knows if he was or was not looking for a bathroom or not.

What is going on within the Slaver’s Compound?  Guards had moved their Fire Cart out to the gate, along with their ballistae.  Firing off a round, which sailed into one of the buildings across the street, someone would need to pay for that.  They also fired off the Fire Wagon, it looked like they had injured someone, that must be wrong though, the boy seen getting up and hiding against the wall.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess.


Paul Revere noted Silver Smith wrote in the Guild Journals that a Yuan-ti Bard came into his shop.  She showed no tokens, she did not want special circumstances paid to her, as would be her do being a Pureblood.  She asked for a silvered sword, which the Smith gave at a good market value for the area.

It was when she asked about a headdress; the Smith became aware that the Pureblood might not be whom she was suggesting she was.  This Smith wondered if she might be a polymorphed creature or someone tests him under an illusion.  The Society decided to follow up on the Smith’s report.

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