How to get a pet Basilisk

How to get a pet Basilisk

October 10, 2018

Skeefer looked down from the top of the chapel and into the courtyard below.  It took a moment to figure out what the noise was, when he could at last figure it out, he saw Off-Beat making his way up to the same place he perched.

“What in the name of Artemis are you doing up here?”  Off-Beat shrugged, wiggled his way further onto the roof and spat.  “What do you think I am doing up here?  I was ordered up here.  What are you doing up here?”  Skeefer shrugged “I was ordered up here by Wotan.”  Off-Beat nodded “Well, understandable then, my orders came from Corvus.”

They both took a moment to look down to the courtyard and the rest of the abbey as it spread out under them.  “You going down then?”  Skeefer shook his head.  “Did you hear an order for me to report anywhere?”  Off-Beat spat again “No, no one told me a thing about you being up here or anything about you not being up here.”  For a moment the two of them looked at one another “OK, no reason to upset the applecart, so we will both stay up here.”   Skeefer nodded.  Off-Beat moving to the left, then the right, trying to find a comfortable position on the rooftop.  “Anything I should know?”

Skeefer chuckled, “I am sure there are lots of things you should know, I will answer you like you meant about what is going on down there.”  With a sigh, a nod of his head “That is what I meant…”  Off-Beat found Skeefer’s sense of humor annoying.

“Well, they broke up into two groups, kinda.”  Turning or rolling onto his stomach Off-Beat nodded “I guessed that with how they are moving down there, what are they doing?”  Using his right index finger to point with “Well Off-Beat, that group over there is off to fight a basilisk," “Wait, what?  A basilisk?  Are you serious?  How many mages are they taking with them?”  “As far as I can see?  0, none, nobody.”  “Are they idiots?”  Skeefer shrugged “Well, they are on an Adventure.”  “Oh, right," Off-Beat nodded “So, yeah, they are.”

Off-Beat pointed “What is she doing?”  “The cleric?  I don’t know, cleric-y things?  Praying?  She got a weird look to her face, like someone squeezed her thigh or something.”

For a moment they both watched the cleric to see if she would do something, cleric-y.

While watching the Cleric something caught Skeefer’s eye, and he pointed “Look, there is Wotan, wonder what he is…”  They both went “Ouch” as Wotan hauled off and punched one of the groups people in the eye.

“That is so going to leave a mark.”  Skeefer nodded and winced.  “You don’t think he said something about Wotan’s mother, do you?”  Off-Beat shook his head “No, the last time someone did that?  You remember, right?  Wotan pulled his sword on the guy.  Nodding his head Oh, right, Scar, sure I remember now.”  Skeefer pointed at Off-Beat “That’s right, Scar.

“Hey, Hey, be… never mind.”  Off-Beat yelled, Skeefer looked over at him “What?”  “That Slither?  She is going in where that Wight is.”  Skeefer nodded “You know, someone should do something about that thing, it is such a pain in the butt.”  “I know right?  I keep telling Corvus, he says he tells Maven, and are you going to find out why she isn’t doing something about it?”  “Are you crazy, she is the head spook-hunter-slinger I have as little to do with her, or any of them as I can.”

Skeefer pointed “Look, speaking of Wotan he is over there talking to them, wonder what that is all about… seems they are back out of the area.  Maybe we are all pulling out?”  Off-Beat snorted “Yeah, not happening, no gold in running…”

I take the notes from Skeefer and Off-Beat and add them to the Histories…  The next day Skeefer and Off-Beat are back on the roof of the chapel of the abbey.  -Whipple-

“All right, so everyone got sleep, wait what is that cleric doing?  Wait, is she really going over there and petting the Basilisk?  I mean, really?  That guy Harald, with the Axe, that thing scares the crap out of me, it hums.”  “I didn’t hear humming.”  “I haven’t seen under Maven’s skirt either, but I feel confident she is a woman, it hums damnit.”
“Fine, fine Skeefer don’t get your underwear in a bunch.”  “Well Mr. Beat, if you didn’t go around saying stupid things I wouldn’t get all bunched up.”

Skeefer points “She is petting the basilisk, and she isn’t being turned to stone or being poisoned.”  Off-Beat sighs “Would you pay attention to what is going on down there, and not staring at the basilisk, I mean unless you want to get turned to stone.  Those things are Dragonborn, black ones, which means they spit acid.”  “Right Skeefer, but that is Harald with that axe, shouldn’t be a big deal with a guy with an axe.”  “Uhm, that is a dancing mace…”  “Not a big deal Off-Beat eh, dancing maces not a big deal?”

Off-Beat shrugged, “Fine maybe a little deal.

They watched the fight between the Dragonborn and the group, the Dragonborn Cleric looked to be a problem, some of the party dropped to the ground.  “Well, that was the thief and the scout.  Think they are dead?”  Skeefer looked a little closer at the bodies, “No, I don’t think so, it was a good thing they all got a good rest though, the Slither looks better now she has rested.”

“Hey, hey, don’t go in ther…”  “You really need to learn how to shout louder, the scout might not have liked  a building fall on him.”  Skeefer shrugged “What can I say, I have a whisper like voice.”  Off-beat laughed “I think you wanted the building to fall on him.”  Again, there was a shrug.

“Do we know what is in that building?”  Wotan says it is a headquarters, Corvus thinks it is where they keep the important slaves for sale and transport.  I guess we will find out.  -seconds- “Ogres?  I didn’t see that coming did you?”  With a shake of his head Skeefer said no with no words.  “That was cool though, the way the Ogre reached out and grabbed the Slither?”  The reply from Off-Beat infused with chuckles “I’m sure the Mage did not share your opinion when he felt the Ogre strength and stench.”

“It didn’t seem to take long for the party to overcome the ogres.”  You think it should take a long time Skeefer for ogres to die in a confined space?  I’m happy when they are in a room, it is when they are in a forest I get scared.  “Good point Off-Beat, good point.  They found a Ley Line Miner, so only two to go.”

Both peered at the building, wondering what was next.

This is what I was able to get from Skeefer and Off-Beat, not the two brightest of the Grey Company.


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