Sea Prince Map


A map

Courage Found

Can you find what you didn't know you lost?


Lost opportunities


All things might be magical?


What do you believe in?


When a home, isn't


Getting out of town


War by any other name would not taste so durn good


And the War was over...

Future so Bright...

Is it really a future?

Sense of Doubt

Taking a deadly test

Mortal Color

White vs Black


A Paladin's mood


A Mountain is not the answer

Desert of Emotion

Bad Relationship, whose fault?


When a City is not what it seems

New Sunrise

A new day


Getting old is hard


Music and my true love

Night of the Creature

When I meet the Creature


When Cookies are Food

My Deadly Weapon

Using a weapon is never easy

Craving Inspiration

Home delivery of inspiration

The Oath

The Oath betrayed

A Challenge no matter how small or big is still a challenge

Overcoming a Challenge


Burning Skies

The Heart of the Matter

Getting to the Heart of it.

Flash Fiction February

A Story on time


A Flash Fiction Story Flash Fiction Feb.

A Review of my Kickstarter Experience with Wyrmwood Gaming

I love my dice tower, it wasn't all a positive experience

Best Christmas Ever!

Based on this picture, I wrote this story. What do you think?

Cell Phone

What would happen if you needed the last working cellphone? This was Writer's Digest 93 writing contest, based on the pic. Scary? It could 650 words or less

Conrad Peppers Day Off

I wrote this using the picture from Contest 91 from Writer's Digest. Picture is included

History of the Twilight Realms

Silverton, Belkazar, Bissel, Semptius, Istika, Nython, and Ceylon with brief mentions of people from the past

Fight Scene

Does this sound like a fight scene to you?

Art is Truth

Is there truth in Art? Or is all Art, truth? Clark still doesn't know

The Challenge

I wrote this for a "Friendly" competition, didn't win, it was liked though so it isn't all bad. No gnomes were hurt in the creation of this story

The Cavern

A short story for Writer's Digest March/April 2018


Getting a writing prompt and a story challenge was the basis of this little ditty. Plus it's Valentine's Day What could be better? It could only be 500 words so I admit it does a little more telling then showing then I would normally like to do. The prompt was one word, "Desire" Did I hit it? Should I win? Let me know

My President's Day Story to You

I played around with this and thought it was amusing. Do you agree?

Uncle Mortimer's Day at the Beach

I wrote this story for a Writers Digest "Enter your story contest" It had to be 700 words long and based on the above picture. What do you think?

Jaysin and the Jewel

A story of the downtime for Jaysin, a wayward adventuerer and part time wealth redistributor.

Taking a break

What does happen when you stop playing your #dnd character

Cannibals vs Zombies

This is a short intro to my Horror story. What do you think? Do let me know, please


I have started writing a story for Tamara, and I realized that Mule needed a little back story so here it is. This is a rough draft so do be kind


A plane, a power line ......


What it means to really be sleeping alone

The Wall

When mistakes happen, what do you do to get over it?


Science creates it's own problems in a petri dish

Preacher Man-Bob

When a Preacher falls asleep next to a lake he should keep his hands to himself.


Bad Santa has nothing on Krampus.

Lunch Time

There is nothing free about this lunch.

Humpty What?

What happens if you break what means safety for all?

Circuit Breaker

Beware of crossroad demons... especially those with Southern charm.

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