History of the Twilight Realms

History of the Twilight Realms

August 3, 2018

The Restoration of Silverton happened over 50 years ago.  Silverton was a smaller country, a backwater of a place.  It had no place in the world, it would be how others thought of the countries surrounding it as the Twilight Realms.

A brief history.  Silverton during the age of the Empire was a duchy within the Empire.  When the Empire fell, it broke away with little fanfare.  Empire of Belkazar, unable to defend itself from internal and external threats fell into a wasteland. 
The duchy tried to find its way led by seven wealthy families that soon took on the rank of nobility.  These families, in the beginning, took turns with the rule of the land.  This soon fell out of habit and one or two families held the reins of power.  The others didn’t give much thought to this if coins filled their coffers.
A problem occurred when the Baron of House Nightshade murdered everyone in House Ridge.  The Baron did not do the vile deed himself; he hired the Assassins Guild to carry out the murders.  Baron Nightshade thought he had eradicated his long-time rivals.  He was unaware that a nephew had been training with the Elves of Ceylon and kept in hiding when the news reached the woods.

These were the Times of Troubles for Ceylon.  The Witches and their horrible darkness became an issue within the Fens for the first time.  Nython, a neighboring Kingdom and never a part of the Empire, seeing Silverton in what they perceived as ruins nibbled away at the borders of Silverton.  It became troubling enough that the Houses banded together to defend the country and push back the Nythonese and their wicked priests.

The banding caused the Restorations to cast about for a hero or at least a figurehead to lead them and to replace the Houses with a Duke.  If not a Duke, a King.  They scoured records, someone told tales and listened too, in the trying to find a missing heir to House Ridge.

This is where the Elf Fighter/Mage Loren and his group of Adventurers come into the story.  They had been going about the area around Wheelboro and made a name for themselves.  The group defeated a Dragon, an Orc Horde stopped, and the group stopped a Civil War in Bissel between Royalists and House loyalists.
The Restorationists watched the group with no little interest.  It was a hope that these people might be the answer to the question of “Who will do something?”  This is also the point in history that gets Sages confused.

At the same time this is going on within the borders of Silverton, Haroun Bey, the last heir to the Wyvern Throne of Belkazar, made his play to reclaim his rightful place.  El Muad, the religious leader who had overthrown Haroun’s father and made him an outlaw in his own country, was in control of the country through his religious ties. 

By a hairs breath, El Muad and his general Assad defeated Haroun and his army.  The losers took flight and made their way to the Kingdom of Semptius.  Queen Carolyn the Just ruled Semptius.  Queen Carolyn permitted Haroun and his refugees to settle into camps about her kingdom.  There were issues between the Semtians and the refugees, cultural for the most part.  It did though turn to violence over time for no other reason than the refugees were different.

There needs a mention about Loren and the group of heroes that provided the Restorationists with the impetus to take control of Silverton.  The group included: Loren, Elven Fighter/Mage, Morgana, Master Illusionists, Caleb, Knight Errant, Moonwort, halfling thief and her henchmen Jacque, Acquire, Half-elven Fighter-Mage, Clyde, Cleric of the Church of Pure and White Light, Duffy… uhm, Warrior/Bard, and Munkal, it is hard to use words to describe Munkal’s profession, so none listed.  Notorious, Munkal’s claimed brother assisted in the adventuring and, Feanor, Ranger Half-Elf.

They did not always agree on the plan, they did not all always act together, they came together at the end to overcome the Baron and restore the throne back to the rightful heir.  Not getting along is an understatement.

The core group of Loren, Caleb, Moonwort, Morgana, and Acquire, for the most part, got along.  They designated Loren through no fault of his own as the leader.  There had been discussions about Duffy taking the lead, he fostered it off on Loren.

There has been a lot written about Loren and being God-Touched.  He was/is the living avatar for both Thor and Isis.  The warrior god of battle and the bane of giants.  He was also the avatar for Isis, Goddess of Magic.  Why?  The succinct tale is that both had found they lost worshipers to the Church of Pure and White Light that by combining into one aspect they could put off their loss of power.  Loren, having almost died in a battle with giants at a Hill Giant Steading, called out for help as he lay bleeding.  The two heard, and an accord reached. 

Morgana, the Master Illusionist, is the powerhouse behind the group.  Early in the lore of the group she found, which only referenced by the term, The Jewel, a powerful artifact.  It is a mystery still what the power of The Jewel is.  Tales of The Jewel’s power, widespread.  Known it can give Psionic Powers on a person if they pass The Test of the Jewel.  No one that has failed has lived, those that have passed the test are not willing to speak about it.

With the Restorationists in power, they gave on Morgana a land grant.  The land is in Old Nython and is a city-state unto itself.  (Please refer to map insert A.)  The land is on the coast and several islands next to the city of Goldia.  All agree it is a name that does not invoke much besides a smile.  It being the City of Illusion, and Morgana being who she is, people do not make light of the place in her presence.

Morgana and Duffy have wed and had twins, one boy, and one girl.  Their names not known outside the family, much more than that they are a boy and a girl to protect them from those that might hold a grievance against the couple, each singularly, or jealous of the power the two hold.

The last note about Morgana is that no one besides the adventuring group knows what she looks like.  She covers herself in a constant illusion which permits her to walk about the city, her city-state, and Silverton with little concern for her safety.  They know it whichever shape she chooses?  It is one of great beauty.  No small amount of ego is present.  People also circulate she is of average looks and had an inferiority complex about her appearance.

Caleb, Knight Errant of the Order of Hightower, at one time was a man that could not afford his own horse, let alone armor and the rest.  He joined Loren on one of Loren’s forays against the Witches.  Even without his horse, he was a valued asset.  With a noble background he had a rich knowledge of history often was of value to the group.  Often if Loren did not know the answer the party would look to Caleb to have it, he rarely disappointed.

After the War, they gave Caleb lands to keep in stewardship for the King.  Things did not sit well with the Knight, he had an itch to be about the world, seeing new things, and to partake in adventure.  He passed the lands on to Jacque and the Overland Trading Company and went to explore the East past Nython.  As of now, no one knows more.

The halfling Moonwort is a member in terrible standing with the Thieves Guild of Silverton.  If something is missing, they will often find it in her pockets.  Early on she and Jacque, an accused cat-burglar became, as the term goes, “Thick as Thieves.”  They were the two that would search and find secret doors, disarm traps, and try to talk their way out of a problem that Caleb and Clyde wanted to handle with a weapon.  They were the tacticians of the group.

Acquire, a quiet Half-Elven Ranger/Mage is the backup for the group.  If Loren could not do something with a spell, Acquire would.  The same goes with tracking, fighting, she is the quiet backbone of the group.  She and Notorious have a relationship, of some sort, it still is going on today.  There are no children from this union.

Duffy and Munkal are the two hardest people to pigeonhole in this group due to the number of stories about both.  Some report that Munkal is/was a Half-Orc Assassin sent to murder Moonwort.  during the contract he died, an entity infused itself inside him, and he is now the person, Munkal.  There is no proof of this, it is one of the many tales that surround the man.

Munkal is known to be a skilled fighter, he has in the past cast spells, picked locks, and used his mental powers to defeat creatures such as Brain-Pirates.   How these things occur?  There is no written word explaining his myriad of abilities.  It is accepted he works for the Powers of Good and left there.

Duffy is just as much an enigma as Munkal is.  There is nothing on record of where he came from, who he is, or anything about him before the Restoration.  Was he created out of thin air?  Appeared out of a teleport device.  He is a champion without equal, he inspires those around him in battle to achieve greater, he can cast a few spells both of a magical and clerical nature leaving some to guess he might be some sort of Paladin.

If Loren had not been the one God-Touched?  Many would claim Duffy is the one that is.
Known to have a magical blade that cleaves through spells like butter, the scabbard for the blade, if worn, heals wounds.  If the sword had a name or personality it is not being told by anyone in the party.

Clyde, as a member of the Church of Pure and White Light, found himself at odds with the rest of the group.  The church, before the Restoration, not seen in a positive light.  It supported the Baron, the leader of one of the Houses, House Samsell, Cleric Samsell, supported the Baron.  Clyde felt that the people were not being represented and had ministered to the faithful in the rural areas.  Seeing that the group had the general populace’s best interest at heart, he wanted to assist.  When things turned to open rebellion he was less willing.

It was only when an heir found, Clyde’s blessing and support requested by the heir and the party, did he become an active member of the Restorationists cause.
The heir is Feanor, later known as King Feanor.  A full accounting of the Restorationist is found in the “Book of the Restorationist”.  The short version is that Loren and his group put Feanor on the throne, Haroun and his adherents assisted as well and rewarded with a place to stay within the Kingdom of Silverton.  Nython attempted an attack on Silverton while the country was recovering, they did not expect the overwhelming support King Feanor received so early in his reign and they beat the Nythonese Army back with a heavy loss of life.

Nython soon sued for peace before the Silverton Army, lead by Duffy and members of the Grey Company, a mercenary band hired by Morgana, could inflict more damage.  Silverton’s borders increased, taking a 1/8 of Nython as payment for the damage they inflicted.  Goldia and Greyton created as a City State and outpost against further Nythonese incursions.

While this area loosely claimed by Silverton?  It is being ruled by Morgana and Goldia.  Greyton has petitioned Goldia to take governance over Greyton.  Goldia is considering this and perhaps creating a League of City States with Goldia in control.  There are several small islands off the coast of what was Nython that might join if given autonomy. 
Istika is the last Human Kingdom discussed.  The country shares a border with Nython, less so now with Nython losing the war with Silverton.  They also share the border with Semptius and Bissel to the south.

Istika is a kingdom of merchants and bowman.  The Istika bow and bowman are world renowned.  It names a regiment of mercenary bowman “The White Fletching.”  Sometimes they have added their name to the roll call and the war would be over before it began.  The disciplined Bowman from Istika, wield their bow, a longsword, and a shield when necessary.  Their only shortcoming from a military standpoint is their refusal to go into battle on horseback.  They have a superstition about riding horses into combat lasting generations.

An Istikan Merchant will keep his word no matter what.  That isn’t a suggestion he won’t cheat you?  He will like any other merchant out there.  A proof is that you know they will not cheat you.  If an Istikan Merchants guarantees deliver on a specific day of the week?  It will get there.  A price?  It is his bond to you.  Not that he won’t sell the same thing to your neighbor, cheaper.  No.  It means you will pay your price, your neighbor his.  It is odd to know you could get what you think is a great deal only to find your neighbor would or could get a better deal.  It has also happened that you get a great deal and your neighbor goes bankrupt.  

“When dealing with Istika, check your finger’s twice they might seat you with a Merchant.”


Silverton, Belkazar, Bissel, Semptius, Istika, Nython, and Ceylon with brief mentions of people from the past

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