A Review of my Kickstarter Experience with Wyrmwood Gaming

A Review of my Kickstarter Experience with Wyrmwood Gaming

March 26, 2019

Here sits the Wyrmwood dice tower on the desk.  The map from Deven Rue is an inspiration.  The title of the map is Avalon, which brings up Morgan le Fey and King Arthur imagery.  Reading from the card enclosed it is “Purpleheart” or Peltogyne type of wood.  The wood comes from Central and South America.  Here is what the people of Wyrmwood have to say about it.

“Purpleheart is a very hard, dense wood, primarily known for its remarkable coloring.  One of our most highly varied woods in hue, it ranges from warm and subtle plum to vivid, cool shades of violet.  Over time, the color will mellow to a rich tint.  Purpleheart is unmistakable, unique among thousands of wood species, and many collectors count it as a favorite.”

(I am amused that an editor didn’t like the description using “A very hard”.  They wanted to change it to either “extremely, awfully or ridiculously hard wood.”  I am guessing the editor had not read a lot of Hemmingway and his desire to kill adverbs.  Anyway.)

This is a review of the Kickstarter with Wyrmwood Gaming and their dice tower.

Let this begin with the most important part of this review.  I like this dice tower a lot.  The first couple of rolls were 19s and 20s and the players were less than pleased.  Fits in my rolly-bag well, the leather strap keeps all the pieces together.  A handsome piece of equipment for my Dungeons and Dragons game.

The dice tower is the most expensive thing I have ever purchased for D&D, The Gen Con experience aside, that was crazy pants how much that whole “5 Best Days in Gaming”, cost.  On the flip side, I wanted this, thought about, weighed the pros and cons and supported the Kickstarter in August.

The dice tower comes with a dice vault, a tray, and the tower itself.  It is an ingenious thing.  Held together by powerful magnets, comes with a lifetime guarantee, all the pieces fit into the dice tray and a leather strap with the Wyrmwood Gaming company’s logo on it, keeps the parts safe in transient.

My first little hiccup is my fault.  I thought I had ordered the polyhedron dice, when the kit arrived, the dice were 7 6-sided dice instead.  Looked at the invoice, and that is on the invoice.  My fault for not triple checking the check marks.  The dice are handsome, well made, have the Wyrmwood logo.  Perfect for a gift of a 7 d6 fireball.

The complaint that comes up is the wait.  The dice tower was to arrive in January 2019.  It arrived on 3/21/2019.
The problem?  Poor to non-existent project management by Wyrmwood Gaming.  

Somehow, the Christmas/Holidays snuck up on them and Wyrmwood Gaming didn’t seem to know what to do.  Do I begrudge them time off for the holidays?  No.  This is where project management comes in.

Somehow during the time, the business was closed so people could spend quality time with their families, no one was ordering wood, leather, or hardware.  Then when people came back, they had nothing to make, so they had to wait for other parts to arrive.  Then they ran out of something else, no one was ever clear on this.  It then took an inordinate amount of time to get the sockets and widgets together to make dice towers.

There was also a hiccup that some dice vaults pushed on the Wyrmwood website promoting a Cthulhu dice vault, then in Feb a Valentines Day Dice Vault.  They told us backers, via the Kickstarter page that there would be in now way a hold up with our product for these two special sales.  It was a little hard to believe, since the dice towers also came with dice vaults.

This is where project management comes in.  Sometimes in this process, Wyrmwood runs out of wood, other times they run out of different pieces, magnet maybe, bottle necks.  It was never clear what the specific issues were.  Someone with a knowledge of Microsoft Project or Oracle’s Primavera could have overcome this.

So, you know this is not just hot air.  I’ve worked with project management in the construction industry, the last job being working with some fine folks on the Ritz Carleton hotel most recently gone up in northern California, project management is something more than a passing fancy.  More of a day-to-day experience for over two years.  No way an expert, do not hear that.  My comment is, someone did and does need to find this skill.

The delivery was at least 2 months late, I have to say I feel it was 3, but to be fair, it was not scheduled for delivered until Jan, that includes all the days in the month, and the arrival date of March 21st would make it two months late.

My frustration is with the little to no real communication the backers received.  Updates included:  "Be patient, it is coming at the end of January, it might be the first week in Feb.  We will do the fulfillment by early March, oh wait, we will probably ship it in March, you might not get it till April.   Oh, and you folks that pre-ordered?  You will get yours soon.  Did we mention this NEW KICKSTARTER we have started…?"

The end point is…  The dice tower is GREAT/AWESOME.  I love it.  Will I be purchasing something/anything from Wyrmwood again?  I can’t say I will support a Kickstarter with them again. 

I love my dice tower, it wasn't all a positive experience

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