February 13, 2021

Hard being this old. Things are not the same as when this a young man’s world. People speak differently. Have different names for things. How am I ever supposed to stay current? Do you know I cannot name any of the music which is current? When I listen so horrible. Cats being tortured. Do I have old ears now?

Even the food is horrible. Putting this with that. Time after time I ask, “What is wrong with old fashion pizza?” Told isn’t fresh enough, organic enough, has this listed in the ingredients, not having this in the same list. Who can keep up?

Kids nowadays, they are also so disrespectful. Oh, how they are mean too. The words they say to their elders, I tell you. Horrible. There were times a swift belt to the mouth or what my granddaddy would call “a good old fashion butt beating.” Could do nothing like spanking anymore. Punishment, corporal punishment, the people in charge called the act. Me? I called the act what it was, punishment and discipline. Kids today call me old. Also have a job, put food on the table, pay my bills. Including my Internet. which I hear the kids say should be FREE. They want everything free. How can things be free if you must pay for those same things?

Kids today, I’m old, I get the idea. I mean, 23 is a ripe old age now. Hard to slide into the Battle Blaster when your knees creak, eyes aren’t clear, hands shake. The War will do that to you. I’m retiring today. No one else in my class made this anniversary. Hope I will see my grand kids before I go to the great beyond.


Getting old is hard

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