New Sunrise

New Sunrise

February 14, 2021

Oh, so nice to be here, this sunrise. No one had seen such a sunrise before. Why? Because this is a NEW sunrise. No other sunrise ever like this one ever. The way the rays of the sun hit the beach? New. How the bacon sizzled on this particular morning? New! Everything was brand spanking new, and I loved everything, everybody.

The sunlight coming down at noon? New. The way the hotdogs popped as they grilled on Mr. Zigby’s cooker? New. Never before the smell smelled by a human being. Oh, how this was glorious, GLORIOUS. The wonder of how everything new, this is the amazing parts of life.

The evening wore on, the new scents, oh the wonderful things. The sun playing peek-a-boo with the earth. People smiled, people played with their children, their pets. Alligators ate, Polar Bears slid, Otters swam. All under the wonderful light of the sun. The new sun of this day.

The night came like a thief into the world. Stars twinkled their lights. The New Sun on the other side of the world. Soon the sun would be new again somewhere else. Here it was night, blessed night. Children read books by flashlight going to bed. Parents stayed up making plans, new plans for themselves and their children. The night became quiet again.

At dawn, new sunlight, a new day, and this New Day began again.


A new day

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