February 15, 2021

We were the only ones left inside the City. For the longest time we told ourselves this was not true. Of course, people would come back. They would need things like a night life. Bars. Coffeeshop. How could someone enjoy themselves if they were not dancing? The idea of people moving out of the City to go somewhere open, away from others? Too horrible to comprehend. People wanted to be out in the boonies instead of near where everything a stone’s throw away.

Who would not want to walk to the store on the corner, the little bodega to purchase a quart of milk, a taco, a newspaper? The taco homemade, not something you take out of a microwave. This is the idea of living in a City. The country? What was to be had in the country? A cow or something? Who would want a cow or a pig for a pet? No, a city would be the only thing which made any type of sense. No a City, this City. It is the only thing making sense in a world gone mad.

Things were strange, admittedly. The Internet no longer worked. No movies to stream or use the computer for anything except well keeping a journal. There was no point to doing things like that. No one could connect to social media. How would people know how we did things if we didn’t post pictures online? Silly.

Some dumb luck. Living in a second-floor apartment, the elevator not working, not an enormous hassle to deal with. Something to be said for getting healthy going up and down a flight of stairs. Does seem crazy though no neighbors. I can’t say for sure where everyone else has gone. No phones, so no way to check. Eating far too much dried out meat and taking vitamins to stay healthy. Trying to anyway. The water stopped working a while ago. There is luck sometimes. A water truck broke down and left on the street. Carrying all the water in very heavy, now though I won’t be thirsty for a while!

I do feel like I can’t get my thoughts together. Some days meld into one another. I don’t seem able to keep a thought in my head long enough to be coherent about it. Today? Yesterday? I found a bicycle. Took about 20 minutes learning to ride again. A lot of fun. I thought I left the bike downstairs when I came back to go and buy a newspaper? The bike? Gone. Weird, right? To be honest? I can’t recall where I left the damn thing.

For the life of me, I cannot recall what I had for breakfast. I must have had something because I’m not hungry. I suppose it is a good thing not remembering. For example, I don’t recall being sad. I know I was. I don’t remember being sad thought anymore.

This City has a pulse, like it is alive, the City knows things. Things about me. A little scary, really. There are times now I think someone or something I swear watching me. Out of the corner of my eye? I swear I can see them, taste it. I’m a little frightened.

The candles are running out. I found some in a store a few blocks away. Things are harder to find, though. I am glad I don’t need specific medicine. That would make things so hard. 

The sense of being watched is back today.

The city is not as friendly as I recall. Noises, smell, a feeling? None of this here before. Though I have a gun now. I can protect myself. I have a plan. I’m going to go hunt whatever is watching me. Going to find the thing and take care of my safety.

Tonight, is the night. I’m going to make my City safe again. I will write again when I get back. Wish me luck.


When a City is not what it seems

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