February 17, 2021

Sitting here with a Mountain of Problems made me realize how true this statement is. A Mountain of Laundry waited for me. The Mountain of Debt, both credit card and student, lowered my credit score. Oh, how the Mountain of Depression emasculated me so much. The Mountain of Sorrow over all these things I could hardly breathe. So, using my Emergency Credit Card, I found myself in a Mountain of Vacation Debt standing in front of a mountain. Waiting for inspiration.

The mountain, silent. Why? All these things were issues with me. Debt, depression. There had been a plan on coming to the mountain. Even this mountain. This mountain according to legend? This is where the Man in the Mountain lived. He, the story goes, clever. Wiser than me. Not much of a metric if the truth is told.

Mountains have secrets. Who didn’t acknowledge this? No one. Everyone knew this. Except my ex-girlfriend. She became my ex when the money ran out. I suggested I move in with her? She laughed. “Why would I want to live with someone with a Mountain of Debt?” Shocked. “You helped me create this debt.” “Doesn’t mean I want to help you pay the debt off now, do I?” So now I have an ex-girlfriend too.

The Man in the Mountain had secrets. The Mountain itself had secrets. Deep in the roots of the Mountain. Would I find a secret? Might I sell the secret? How big would a Mountain Secret be? Most mountains were stupendous. How deep they went down? No idea. This troubled me.

My gear, ready. Helmet with a battery powered lamp, two water bottles, protein bars, a little axe, a radio, my cell phone, glow sticks, about 50 feet of rope. Read somewhere people always needed rope when they didn’t have any. Fixed the first problem. All by myself. Plus, this stuff added to my Emergency Vacation Debt.

The last thing I had? A Mountain of Questions.


A Mountain is not the answer

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