February 18, 2021

A mood. Oh, I was in a mood. People like me though should not get into moods. Dangerous. Quite dangerous for me to be in a mood. Being a paladin had certain benefits. Everyone speaks about the benefits. No one spoke about the downside, the problems, the ISSUES of being a paladin.

My wife of two years, three months, six days, and no, I did not count the hours or minutes. That would be very anal and I’m slightly anal, not a lot anal. She cheated on me. She had an affair. Nowhere in the Paladin handbook did the book say how I should react. So here I am, in a mood. Not in a benevolent mood. No, not at all. I want to stab things, hurt things, break things. I can’t. Isn’t part of the code. The code of the Paladin.

Would you like to hear why? I’ll tell you. Paladins not supposed to marry. Oh, not forbidden, it’s frowned upon. How can you go around smiting evil if you have to be home by 5pm to take care of the babies? What if the babies don’t let you sleep? What happens? You wake up in a MOOD.

You find out your wife of the years, weeks, days did not want to wait till you got back from smiting. My job what I do. Not a mood thing. I did not wake up in a mood to go smite something. I was told to smite something. “Gabriel, we need you to go smite some evil in this town over here.” I went, I see, I smite. I have a job. She doesn’t seem to realize this. How hard to understand I have a job?

My mood was dark. If I did something about this the way I wanted too? I would lose my status as a Warrior of Heaven, a Paladin. Did it matter? I fumed. I paced. I wrought stomach ulcers.

A message sent. I had a new mission. I did not want to read the paper. This could not be news I wanted. More smiting. A deep sigh. Opened the missive. “Caroline Anne Chambers found guilty of the act of Adultery. There must be an accounting. Smite her.”

I smiled some. Standing at the door. I was ready so my darling bride would today understand. I brought my work home with me. My mood immediately brightened, waiting for her return from her lover’s bed.


A Paladin's mood

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