Mortal Color

Mortal Color

February 19, 2021

Did you ever wonder about a color being either good or evil? Can a color be good or evil? Is the idea of a color being a representative of good or evil? We all know the color white is all the colors. So if you have everything you then must be a good person.

Black is the absence of all the color, so if something is missing? Of course this must be evil. Though this might be wrong. Black is good at hiding faults. It has the effect of making heavier people appear slimmer than they are. Is that evil? The deception?

All the important people were inside of a room discussing this. There was another besides me outside keeping the peace while the smart people discussed the important things. We were both dressed in all grey. Grey clothes, grey swords, even a grey hat with a feather. To me, it looked like a blending of the black and the white made the grey.

The smart people argued and argued. We both could hear them through the walls. Tiring. Hearing them argued had me so weary. There were times the sounds of their voices bored and distressed me.

I gazed at the other guard, dressed as I was. “We could decide this, you know. Mortal Combat.”

A nod later we were both sitting in front of a gaming console, controllers in our hands, listening to the theme music come through the speakers of the monitor. I wondered why we hadn’t done this earlier…. I did laugh as I wondered, did my opponent noticed? My avatar dressed in black, his in white. Did this make me the bad guy? White, the good guy. Who died first would decide?


White vs Black

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