Sense of Doubt

Sense of Doubt

February 20, 2021

This the last test for becoming a full Guild Thief perplexed me. Through the other tests, my senses tested to the maximum. Sight, of course, with a blindfold walking across a fire pit on a balance beam. Nerve-wracking, though not impossible.

Hearing next to unlock a lock still blindfolded. Had to discern the tumblers all click into place.

Next up, the sense of smell. Finding the treasure by sniffing out where the single trace was among a full array of other scents? Not a simple thing. Taking my time, discern the right odor and found the map. Admittedly? This a very difficult procedure.

Touch next, examining a book, finding inside there was a false bottom where a key lay hidden. Books were not something I thought would find things within besides worth.

The last sense to test? Taste. A goblet of wine on a table for the next test. The tasting to determine the poison and to find out the correct antidote to counteract the poison. This was a test which had consequences. Again successful.

The last test of the senses, the sense many people do not have. The Sixth Sense. The idea if you felt something wrong in whatever you were doing. A perception of things unseen. This was the hardest sense to test. A bread-and-butter sense to a thief, though.

A step out of the room with the poison wine test. The passageway looked safe. A smiled danced on my features. “This isn’t so ha…” Last words spoken as the sharp pendulum blade cut me in half.



Taking a deadly test

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