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The Cavern

A short story for Writer's Digest March/April 2018


Getting a writing prompt and a story challenge was the basis of this little ditty. Plus it's Valentine's Day What could be better? It could only be 500 words so I admit it does a little more telling then showing then I would normally like to do. The prompt was one word, "Desire" Did I hit it? Should I win? Let me know

Uncle Mortimer's Day at the Beach

I wrote this story for a Writers Digest "Enter your story contest" It had to be 700 words long and based on the above picture. What do you think?

Blog Posts

How a day can go bad, quickly

How I did worry about mold and move to a better apartment

Review: The Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

My take on the Starter Set of Dungeons and Dragons. I knew you wanted to know what I thought.

International Table Top Game Day

Saturday, April 28th was International Table Top Game day, this is the first year I particpated.

Book Review: Sins of Empire

The next trilogy for the world of The Powder Mage

Movie Review: Loving Vincent

Is VanGogh's death really a suicide? Oh, and this movie is breathtaking.

Book Review: The Mad Scientists Guide to World Domination

A very interesting Anthology that got me to read another book because of the story in it.

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I write the stories that I want to read. That was explained to me as an excellent reason for writing. My Muse and I have a daily discussion on what should be written next and most of the time we agree. Follow 'us' on Twitter to see how those conversations go. I am hopefully going to be having more than my thoughts and book reviews. Who knows what will be next? Follow along and find out.

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